Operation: Mobilize “We Want Cusick”


Today is Lucic’s “Rock & Jock Celebrity Softball” charity event. We’ll be there and with a 33% chance of being sober.

Whatev. It’s Lowell. We’ll fit right in that way.

The “We Want Cusick” movement is picking up steam. Major media outlets are starting to spread the word, the “We Want Cusick Petition” is over 130 sigantures (sign up if you haven’t yet), and we know at least three Bruins employees have passed on the idea to the right people.

Or so we’re told. They wouldn’t BS us right?

This is where you come in.

If you’re going to the Rock & Jock Softball game (we’ll be there), download the Cusick “SCORE!” image (in JPG and PDF form), print out a copy for yourself, the people you’re going with and, if you’re ambitious and social, a dozen other people. Pass them out, wave them around, give one to Thort or Looch. Photobomb the Herald, Globe,,, othermediaoutlets with the sign in hand.

Send us photos of you with the Cusick “SCORE!” poster at the game (or anywhere for that matter) and we’ll toss it on the site — imortalize your dedication. Email is

The iron is hot, my friends. Let’s do it for Fred.

PS – Be sure to say hi to this guy.


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