We Want Thornton. Festivus Beatdown.

  “This is a ‘show me’ night and they’re showing each other.” ~ Jack Edwards There was absolutely no question about that First Star award. Shawn Thornton led this team to victory. Mark Recchi said this was a must win game for the fragile Bruins and Thornton apparently took those words to heart.   Two […]

NHL Holiday Wishes!

It is Christmas time and much like fans, NHL teams and players around the league have certain things on their lists they hope to receive this year! Since we are in the Christmas spirit, we decided to do a little digging and found out what some of our “favorites” wanted.   After the jump, Brian […]

Bruins fans: Get your pic taken with Rancourt at ‘Rene’s Village’

Good news if your a Rene Rancourt fan and will be at tonight’s game. Per the Bruins Buzz on twitter, you can get your picture taken with Rancourt at “Rene’s Village” at tonight’s game during the first and second period behind Loge 7. All you need is a camera and $10 to “donate.” First Rancournaments […]

Boston Bruins spread cheer and laughs with toy delivery

Smile, Tim. We’ve been bitching about the Bruins a lot for the last few days, so time to turn to something a bit more positive. The Boston Bruins spread some holiday cheer this week, going holiday shopping for hospitalized children and then delivering the gifts to the sick kids. It’s been an annual event for […]

Game Day: Thrashers vs. Bruins — Will ’emotional’ practice pay off?

  As a heads-up, the chances of seeing a recap of tonight’s game is slim-to-none — at least not until later tomorrow at best. It’s the holidays and we’re very important people, as you might expect, so we have parties to go to and shenanigans to get into. We’re sure you’ll survive. “We have to win Thursday.” […]

Patrice Purrgeron and the Raiders of the Lost Heart

  I’m sure most of you have noticed the absence of Patrice Purrgeron around here lately. Several of you even wrote in to complain. Good to know he is loved. Purrgeron is certainly not gone, rather he was simply on a mission. During Days of Y’Orr staff meetings and pizza nights, Patrice Purrgeron often complained […]

Dumbass Bruins fans jump on the ice, almost lose pants

Other than the three first-period goals against Washington and McQuaid’s fight, the only other item of note from the game were two moronic Bruins fans leaping over the glass and onto the ice — rumor has it was in hope of getting onto HBO’s 24/7, which the Caps are a part of. Not sure if […]


Bruins, fans need a Stars (circa 2008) game

We woke up pissed this morning. It’s four days before Christmas. We should be running around like five-year-olds in our onesies, not moping on the couch with arms crossed, bitter that we wasted our Monday night watching gutless hockey. And yet, here we are anyways. We don’t want to come off as whiny on the blog […]

Game Recap: Ducks Fly Together, Bruins Do Not

The best part about tonight’s games was getting our Rene Rancournaments, plain and simple.  That was the one ray of light in an otherwise dark day.  For weeks we’ve talked about a lack of heart, lack of 60 minute effort, and a overall inconsistent style of play.  As a result, the Bruins have now gone 100 […]

Game Day: Ducks vs. Bruins — Rene Rancournament Day!

Let’s face it; no one going to this game is going ’cause they want to see the Ducks. They’re going because of this little trophy. It’s the day we’ve been waiting for since the Bruins announced Rene Rancournament Day. First 10,000 fans get this singing ornament. TD Garden can hold 19,600, so don’t be one […]

Days of Y’Orr Flashback: Bruins vs Mighty Ducks

  Before we were Days of Y’Orr, we started an ill-fated project called Adams Division, in which we tried to cover every Northeast Division team with just three people. Our Bruins bias was incredibly obvious as well, so we said screw it and just started Days of Y’Orr. This is a post from that blog. […]


Thomas for MVP. Bruins Win.

This was sort of a game of opposites for the Bruins. Lately they’ve been coasting until the third period and then they turn up the volume. Tonight, they came out like a team on a mission. The struggling Capitals were thoroughly dominated up and down the ice. The Bruins almost constantly swarmed the Capitals net. […]

Game Day: Crapitals vs. Bruins — Who has more Heart?

Bruins vs. Capitals. Before the season started you’d think “Oh man, top two teams will be going at it tonight!” Instead we’re saying, “Wow… two re-res going at it. Who wants to stop the bleeding first?” Good question. We’ll see who has more heart today. And that’s what it’s going to come down to…. Heart. […]


Game Recap: Bruins Get 5 Goals and Lose 4-3

No, the title of this article is not a typo, two of the Canadiens goals went off of Bruins players. This game wasn’t just disappointing because of the loss, it was disappointing because Boston had a chance to beat their biggest rival and in doing so, take the lead in the Northeast Division.  Instead, they started out […]