Pay him in rubles! Bruins Win!

What a night. Jack Edwards was in mid season form and the Bruins did what good teams are supposed to do as they crushed a depleted Devils team 4-1.

This was a fantastic game to watch and not just because of the Bruins win. Before the Bruins blew the doors open this was an incredibly fast paced, fun hockey game to watch. Through the first period Brodeur and Thomas seemed to be trying to one up each other with the saves. Ridiculous.

But it was great to see the Bruins come out strong after their trip overseas. There was some worry that the trip and getting readjusted to being back in North America would take some time but the Bruins seemed to handle things flawlessly. We’ll see how they do Tuesday against a strong Crapitals team but there was so much to like about their victory.


After the jump, what we liked and didn’t like about the Bruins victor….

What We Like About the Bruins Ass Kicking

– Jordan Caron doing exactly what he needs to do, and what the team needs him to do, on his first career goal. Johnny Boychuk unleashed a nice shot that was saved but Caron was hanging out in front of the New Jersey net and banged it home. Awesome.

– We like how active the defensemen were in the offensive zone. The Bruins are going to need more offense from their back end to compete in the East and they sure seem motivated to contribute.

– After going down 1-0 early in the second and thus far unable to crack Brodeur up to that point, the Bruins just kept attacking. Last year they had a tendency to go back to the bench with their tail between their legs but they just kept attacking until the Devils finally caved.

– Boston’s fourth line. For a group of guys that isn’t supposed to score they sure do produce a lot of scoring opportunities. They have been an incredibly fun line to watch. If you remember, Boston’s 4th line was their hardest working last year as well. You know what the one constant is on that 4th line between last year and this year? Shawn “Wayne” Thornton.

– Speaking of Shawn Thornton… he scored. Assisted by Campbell and Marchand. Hows about that 4th line?

– Speaking of Marchand… we thought his hit was good and mostly clean. Yeah he clipped the knee but we don’t think there was any malicious intent there. He was just letting New Jersey know the neutral zone isn’t safe.

– Tim. Fucking. Thomas. Two games, two wonderful performances. The way he’s moving post surgery you can’t help but wonder how he would’ve done last year if he was healthy. He looks better than ever. Even ask Jack Edwards….

– Jack Edwards had an early season gem on one of Thomas’ many great saves. Really, you can’t say enough good things about Thomas at this point.

“Thomas robs Kovalchuk!”

– Boston’s first line. They certainly seem to be developing some chemistry, eh? Lucic got his second goal of the season off a nice pass by Krejci. Horton got the secondary assist on the play. This line is going to be sooooooooooo much fun this season.

– Ryder had a good game. We blast him when he sucks so we might as well give him some kudos when he does well. Seguin hit him with a beauty of a pass that he buried behind Brodeur and he had a few more good shots that unfortunately didn’t find the back of the net. But good………….game…. by…… Ryder…..

What We Didn’t Like About the Bruins Ass Kicking

– The powerplay continues to be powerless. They got a couple of good opportunities but it is still not clicking. They scored four goals tonight even strength, but that isn’t going to happen every night. They need to start making teams pay on the power play. Then eat some hay down by the bay. They just may. What do you say?

– Tyler Seguin. I mean, look at that fantastic play and pass he made to get the puck to Ryder on Ryder’s goal. Not impactful at all. He’s not going to have any impact this season. At all.


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