Posts are Jerks. Bruins Lose.

The sound of rubber hitting metal is the worst sound in the world tonight. Ask Nathan Horton. Or Bergeron. Or Ryder.

But if you ask Halak, posts are super cool guys.


Horton beat Halak. Twice. But not quite enough. Bergeron faked Halak out of his pads in the shootout. Post. Ryder beat Halak in the shootout. Post.

But posts and the loss weren’t the worst things that happened. Not even close.

After the jump…. Rask has awful luck, posts are terrible and we hope Krejci is okay…..

What We Like:

– Gregory Campbell scored his first goal as a Bruin. Ryder fed him with a pretty sweet pass that Campbell buried. Nice to see him get a goal. He works hard. We love that about him.

– Ference punching stupid David Backes in the face. Backes is big. Ference didn’t care. Backes tried to hide behind his visor. Ference ripped it off. And hit him in the face. Gotta give credit where credit is due. Go Ference.

– Rask played great. He really did. Timely saves. Kept the team in the game long enough for them to finally tie the score. This was the Rask we saw last year. Guy just can’t catch a break…

– Mark Stuart stepping up again. Neither he or that idiot Crombeen really had the advantage but hey Stuart tried.


What We Didn’t Like:

– Rask’s luck. Seidenberg turns the puck over to  Alex Steen. Steen passed to Sobotka who had allllllllllll day to get a lil revenge on his former teammates. Four starts, four losses. Rask really deserves better.

– Sobotka. He’s kind of a punk. I mean we enjoyed it when he was a Bruin but being on the other side of it kinda makes you want to hit him with a chair.

– Blind drop passes. It hasn’t worked out for you at all this season Bruins. Stop doing it. Especially you Tyler. Seriously. Knock it off.

– Us. If it seems like we’re half assing this recap, it is because we are. Really, we’re more concerned about Krejci. Hard to make funny funny jokes. Hopefully he’s okay. The hit was clean. We don’t deny that. Krejci was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was encouraging that he was able to get back up but he didn’t look good. Hopefully he is okay.

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