Price still sucks; Bruins win

Wow Carey Price sucks

Last time we saw our old friend, Carey Price was… umm… err… riding the pine like a champ while Halak led an overachieving Canadiens squad into the Eastern Conference Finals. He started only one game during the playoffs, a 6-3 loss to the Capitals. In fact, he ended the playoffs with a sub-.900 save percentage.

So naturally, the Habs shipped Halak off in favor of Over-Price.

And just when you thought Over-Price couldn’t suck anymore, he proved us all wrong by letting in four goals on 10 shots. A .600 save percentage is good, right?

There’s going to be a lot more of Price on the bench.

Per a clause in his contract, Over-Price got yanked halfway through the game as to not over exert himself. He wasn’t around to talk get lynched to the media after the game. Geesh.

Bergeron, the Natural Canadien killer, scored two goals, including a shortie. Boychuk was his awesome self and scored on the power play. Cool Hand Tuuk wracked up 36 saves.

The new guys didn’t do so bad either. Horton scored on his very first shot of the game (not a bad way to introduce yourself to Boston/Montreal fans), and Savior Seguin wracked up an assist.

“He’s going to learn you can’t stickhandle through two and three guys in this league” –Claude Julien, via a few sources on Twitter

That may be, but we love the spirit and the effort.

Jordan Caron also got some high praise from Julien. The kid’s got skills. We’re excited.

Bruins celebrate goal

Our only qualm is the Bs were out shot 36-16. But I guess you can’t be too angry at a 25% shooting. Oh, and Seidenberg/Hunwick was a horrid pairing.


We know it’s only pre-season, but it’s good to see a decisive Bruins victory, especially over the Habs.

We know it’s only pre-season, sooo that doesn’t bode well for Price, right? What a long season he has ahead of him if his suckyness carried over from last year. Boo’d out of the game during pre-season? How does one even accomplish that? What level of suck do you need to be at for that to happen?

Price must mean fail in French.




Enjoy Price, Montreal. You’re giving the Leafs something to laugh at these days.

Bruins take on the Panthers tomorrow in Rochester. Maybe Wideman will show up.


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