“Providence” Bruins Fall to Capitals

We heard some harsh comments from “fans” again after this loss, the Bruins third pre-season loss in a row. Really? The B’s iced an almost AHL level team against Ovechkin, Semin, Laich and an almost full Washington Capitals team.

And they only lost 3-2. We’re seeing the positives.

This is what Ovechkin does in the summer.

If you’re one of those people getting on the Bruins case for some average/less than average pre-season performances and talking about how they’re bums, we have a suggestion for you:

We totally loved watching this game. It was awesome.

Oh wait…. it wasn’t on. People are too busy airing the Red Sux (original, eh?) and pretending they’re awesome. Hockey is greater than baseball. Deal with it.

After the jump, we give our rundown based on first hand reports and the limited footage we’ve seen…..

This recap is going to be half assed because, again, we couldn’t see the game. But based on what we’ve heard, what little we’ve seen and what we read, here’s a few things we liked and didn’t like about the game:

– Obviously we didn’t like that the Bruins lost. Are we upset? Not really. It’s pre-season. We just never like when the Bruins lose.

– Shawn Thornton throwing down with D.J. King. You may remember D.J. King as the dude who said people will no longer be messing with Ovechkin after Max Talbot called Ovechkin a douche. Screw D.J. King. This isn’t the first time the two have tangled:

– Brad Marchand looks like he really wants to make the team. Too bad for him there’s a few guys likely ahead of him. He could find a role as a fourth line, energy player. We’ll see. But he wants it.

– Does Zach Hamill want to play in the NHL? He certainly doesn’t play like it. Some players develop slower than others, but sometimes we feel like the effort isn’t even there with Hamill. We’d be surprised if he makes the team, especially with Wheeler willing to play center. Wheeler may go offsides a ton but he’s way better than Hamill.

– Matt Bartkowski continues to impress on the blueline, notching another two assists. With Hunwick struggling and Ference likely to get injured tomorrow Bartkowski is making a strong case to have a cup of coffee with the big club.

– We liked Joe Haggerty’s recap better than ours.

– We love whoever made this picture:


– We loved how the majority of the young guys performed, especially since the Caps were almost at full strength. That Caps powerplay is dangerous. Semin notched a powerplay goal, but B’s were a respectable 1 for 4 on the night.

– We hate that NESN is too good to show these games. Jerks. Come on Jack Edwards, do something about this!

– We’re sad Spooner was sent back down. Had a great camp. We think he’ll be good down the road.

He’s got no legs!!!!!

– We just love that hockey is back. Watching it. Talking about it. Listening to it. Can’t wait for the regular season. Going to be a huge year for the Bruins.



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