“We Want Cusick” Update: Lucic Softball Edition

On Friday night the Days of Y’Orr crew headed up to LeLacheur Park in Lowell to take in Lucic’s celebrity softball game and spread the “We Want Cusick” message.

In between watching Shawn Thornton be the best first baseman in Boston history, we handed out flyers and even chatted with a bunch of people who were already well aware of the movement. Admittedly, we were proud that people had heard of us and the Cusick movement.

The reception for those who hadn’t yet heard was again positive. There was one gentleman who asked us who Cusick was. Due to pending litigation, our lawyer in the field Patrice Purr-geron has advised us not to comment on how that exchange went.

No comment!

But we want to thank everyone again. Obviously the word is spreading and we thank all of you who have helped via Twitter, Facebook, emailing/calling the Bruins, etc. The Bruins are definitely taking notice. We have no idea if this movement will be fulfilled, but we know that they are at least thinking about it. Let’s keep it up!


We were fortunate enough to hang out with James Murphy for a bit as well. I’m sure most of you know Murph. He writes for ESPN, NHL.com, Hockey Le Magazine and hosts the “Inside Hockey Radio Show.”

He has been a big supporter of our movement as well and he chatted with us about it for a while. We tried to get him to give us the dirt on the B’s but Murph is a pro. No dice. Great, great guy though. Fun talking hockey and hanging out. Check out his stuff if you haven’t, you’ll love it.

We’ll continue to charge on! Keep the movement going! We’ll be planning a few things for the Bruins two home pre-season games so stay tuned.

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