Rallying the Troops: “We Want Cusick” Heads to Rookie Games


We know we keep harping on this and shoving it in your face, but we really want to make it happen.

For those of you just reading/hearing about this for the first time, you can check out the details here and here. You can print up flyers and sign the petition!

The Days of Y’Orr crew will be heading to both rookie games at the TD Garden (September 15th and 16th). We will be hanging out by the Bobby Orr statue handing out “We Want Cusick” flyers for fans heading into the game. Stop by and take some for you and your friends or loved ones. Or tape them to your children. Or just put ’em up in the bathrooms. Whatever gets them seen!

We’d really appreciate it if you could hold them up at the games. The Bruins know we want this. Now that the season is approaching it is time to keep on the pressure and let them know we really, really want Cusick’s voice back in Bruins games. We know this is still a month away, we just figured we’d give everyone some noticed!

As a side note, you’ve probably noticed things have been slow around here. The Days of Y’Orr staff is working on a couple of massive posts we’ll probably have to spread out of a few days. We promise they’ll be good. And funny. And mildy offensive if you’re a pink hat or bandwagon fan!

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