Game Recap: Bruins Beat Philly, We Love Thomas


A game where the Bruins gave a full 60 minute effort and managed to put up enough points to win against a good team?? Is this the beginging of the season or are we dreaming??  Well after checking our calender and pinching ourselves a few times, we realized that no, Boston just genuinely played well.  

Oh yeah, and that Tim Thomas guy is pretty good! He spent a good amount of the game denying Hartnell, but more on that later.  

Speaking of Hartnell, we wanted to come up with a picture to put here and mock him, but Google did it for us!  This isn’t photoshopped.  Google Image “Scott Hartnell” and check out page two.  You should see something like this:


“Gay Called…It’s For You” — bwah?

The game started out with a recap of last years playoff series.  Thanks NESN, we hadn’t had that shoved in our faces enough the past few days.  Aside from the win, the best part of the ending of this game is that the talk of the playoffs will end for now at least.  As awful as it was, it’s being treated more like a literal massacre and less like a hockey game.



After the jump: A breakdown and lots of Thomas love


– Bruins fans around the nation probably crapped their pants when the game first began.  Philly came out on fire and pressured the hell out of Thomas and the Bruins.  Thomas showed that he was up to the challenge in typical Thomas fashion.

TimThomasSnowAngelWe apparently can’t spell “making” correctly.

– Hartnell got a haircut, and according to Edwards, apparently donated it to Locks of Love or one of those charities.  So some poor child is walking around with that embarrassing head of hair


– Lucic had a beautiful chance on the Power Play and almost beat Bobrovsky. Bergeron intercepted a weak clearing attempt after the save and scores the first goal.  That’s right, Bs scored first!

– Later in the period, Ryder made a pretty pass to Seguin who made an even prettier shot to make it 2-0.  That’s right, the Bruins also scored second!

-Thornton and Shelley dropped the gloves in what was basically a dead even fight.  Is there anyone Thornton can’t go the distance against?


-Overall, well played period by the Bruins.  Philly outshot them 15 to 10, but we’ll take that effort any day.


– Seriously, Thomas…what the hell are you on this year?  He came up HUGE several times this period, including a diving save on van Riemsdyk.

thomasbarrelrollIf you get this, you’re a nerd like us!

Poor Riewmsdyk, he tried so hard…

– While we’re on the topic, Thomas gave Hartnell a nice smack in the face after he was pummelled by Hartnell’s stick. He also denied Hartnell on a penalty shot and watched him smash into the boards…it was beautiful.



– Not sure who lit the fire under Wheeler’s ass, but we actually didn’t hate him this period.  In fact his play the past couple games has been fairly solid.  Potential turning point hopefully??

– During the first period, there was a questionable penalty on Lucic that we were willing to let go, until that awful holding call on Thornton.  What the fuck refs?


– Neither team scored during the period, both got some great chances but neither could finish nor beat the opposing goalie.


– This period started out much like the first, Flyers dominated in the beginning, some timely saves and shotblocks kept Philly scoreless.  Chara had to go to the bench after blocking a shot with an ankle.  Thankfully he returned.

– Horton needs to start hearing goal sirens again.  He had a great chance early on and got the post.

– Most players had a solid game, but Caron stood out in this period, the kid deserved a goal.

– Boychuk and Stuart took it upon themselves to lay the entire Flyers team to waste.


– Krejci made a great unselfish pass to Looch, who managed to snipe the empty net from the blue line

– Tim Fuckin’ Thomas stopped 41 shots and got his 5th shut out in 15 total games.  He remains undefeated on the road, and he owns you, your mom, and everyone you know.



There was a lot of talk about the importance of this game, and the Bruins gave a great effort and got a much needed win.  There was a small amount of speculation as to how the Bruins would adjust without Hunwick in the line up.  Well since the trade, the Bs have a perfect record with a 0 Goals Against Average and average 3 goals per game!  Now we’re going to see tomorrow and Saturday if they have anything left in the tank and can keep winning.  See you tomorrow Tampa Bay!

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