Saturday morning bits of awesome

It’s Saturday morning… at the end of August.

It’s so damn close to hockey training camp/pre-season we can smell it, yet still too far away for it to matter. Kinda like 3:00 during the work day.

And fantasy hockey leagues popping up just makes our hockey excitement worse. We’re like a pack of dogs that can smell the goose poop a mile away. Excitement is uncontrollable. One of our writers, Pizz, decided to go with the fantasy hockey team Orr-gy.

We’ll be sure to slap him for you all. In fact, it might look a lot like this:

We’re not above ripping on each other. This was deserved.

Not gonna lie, there’s really no reason for this post this morning. It’s Saturday morning… at the end of August. Nothing’s going on hockey wise.

…except that BostonBruins.com finally has downloadable schedule calendars.

And no. We don’t really care about Kovyjoke. Yes, he’s good. But someone’s going to crack his knee open by December and then where will the Devil’s be?

One man doesn’t make a team. Just ask Oviechicken.

Alexandre Oviechicken
It’s ok… he’ll drown when it rains.

And yes, we purposely use the old Capitals logo. For some reason Cap fans despise their team’s heritage. If NBC or ESPN fucked up and put an old Bruins logo on screen we’d be stoked that they realize there’s more to the sportsworld than Lebron or Favre’s dick.

For the record, extracting that logo in Photoshop is kinda a pain in the ass at 9:30 in the morning.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Patrice Purrgeron’s investigative piece on the Bruins Guide to Tyler Seguin Part 1 and Part 2. Who needs media creds when you got Purrgeron on your staff?

Speaking of Patrice Purrgeron, he has Facebook. Do yourself all a favor and friend him. We keep him away from Twitter though. He keeps trying to swat at the birds.

After the jump, some more random Saturday Morning Awesomeness… including and unfortunate power outage, one of the cheesiest videos we’ve ever seen and some ego boosting for us.

We can’t take credit for finding this next item. Our friend Sarah Conors over at Something’s Bruin retweeted this pic by Lady GaGa.

We hate GaGa’s music and can’t stand the guy. Luckily for us, Sarah does.

Oil Cuntry

Absolutely gross. Might want to get that looked at.

We did find this video and, please, watch it with the sound off. It’s 1000x better that way. And by better we mean you’re just going to want to laugh your ass off at the level of cheese.

Wow. Thanks for that.

Also, thanks to Shannon for boosting our ego this morning with this.


She wins browny points for the weekend.

That’s all for now. Enjoy your weekends.


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