Savard to stay a Bruin; Does anyone care?

Marc Savard is staying in Boston

ESPN Boston Bruins reporter and DOY favorite, James Murphy got this gem of a quote from Peter Chiarelli.

“We told Marc [Savard] we are not moving him and he is part of the organization.” –Peter Chiarelli, Sept. 4

This coming a few weeks after Savard told the Ottawa Sun he had hurt feelings about all the trade rumors flying about him. In case you’ve been under a rock and haven’t seen the quote:

“They hurt me a little bit just because I went to Boston and I helped to build that team back up. I’ve really tried to work hard with the young guys and being a core player. I was really focused on staying there for the rest of my career. To hear all this stuff this summer bothered me inside more than anything else.” –Marc Savard
You knew this was coming… again

Seems like no one out there really cares about this news — least on the media size. Hell, hasn’t done diddly on the topic. And of those who have, everyone’s just copying half of Murph’s story on their blogs and calling it a day. Seriously. We looked at like 10 different blogs and sites and it’s a CTRL-C/CTRL-V fest out there.

After the jump, we look at why and what Twitter-land has to say about the Savard non-trade.

Even Twitter is quiet on this news. This was the best Savard-related tweet we found from the weekend.

In case you don’t know what she’s talking about.

Marc Savard Hypnotist NHL Bruins
Let’s hope he can do this to goalies this season, too.

So why does it look like no one cares? We definitely think the fan base cares whether or not Savard was getting shipped out of Boston or not. Many arguments broke out because of it. But now that PC has put the rumors down “for good” it seems like people are just shrugging their shoulders.

Maybe it’s because the Chiarelli quote came out during Labor Day weekend and people were too full on BBQ and beer to give a rats ass and log onto their computers. If that’s the case, we expect a slew of stories and posts coming out once people come down from their meat coma.

Or maybe it’s because the idea of trading Savard has been one of the dumbest things to hit this planet since Sarah Palin. Really now. We’ve been against these trade rumors from the beginning.

June 28th — The Marc Savard Saga

Marc Savard rumors are swirling everywhere. It seems like every day we see a headline that says “Savard on verge of being dealt” and then he’s still with us. Let us preface this conversation by saying we want Savard to stay. Getting rid of a perennial 80-90 point scorer on a team that struggled to score last season seems pointless (no pun intended). Towards the end of 2009, Marc Savard signed a new 7 year deal with the Bruins for an annual cap hit of $4 million. The contract was front loaded of course giving Savard the money he wanted overall and keeping the cap hit minimal for the Bruins. Seemed like one of those rare “win-win” situations for both the player and the team.

July 14th — Catching up with the Bruins

The biggest news for the Bruins has actually been the rumor that the team might waive Savard if he doesn’t waive his NTC.

It makes no sense, but then again, nothing about this “Bruins are trading Savard” scenario has made much sense from the get-go. It’s a lot of speculation and poppycock.

That’s right, we said it. Poppycock. What of it?

Annnnd… that’s it. We really thought we’ve said more about these rumors. Guess not via the blog. We know we have via Twitter and privately which doesn’t help you unless you follow us. But just the idea of dumping Savard was/is absolutely rediculous; we didn’t want to waste too much time on the topic on this blog. The guy’s your number one center and will have a guy like Horton possibly on his wing. Good things are going to happen this season. If you were to trade Savvy, you’d need to get platnum back in any kind of exchange. That wasn’t going to happen. Teams purse strings are tigher than a nun at this point. Now that PC has put the rumors to bed, we all can concentrate on camp starting up soon.

Poor Savard. The guy’s had a pretty shitty summer. From being the Game 7/Flyers-series goat to all these trade rumors, to his contract being investigated by the NHL, we wouldn’t be surprised if Savard just holed himself up in some cave all summer. Hopefully he’ll come out guns blazing this October, ready to put the nay-sayers and critics down.

Savard’s a Bruin and we’re glad. It’s the way it should be.



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