Shawn Thornton’s busy summer continues; hits links for charity


After a successful night of not bashing in his opponents heads at Lucic’s softball event, the Third Greatest NHL Player of All-Time (aka Shawn Thornton) is continuing the trend of swinging at round objects — this time, golfballs.

Today, Thort is hosting the “Putts and Punches for Parkinsons” golf tournament. Thornton wouldn’t confirm or deny reports that he’s using Danny Carcillo’s head as a ball, but we did capture the above photograph of Thornton teeing off at the first hole.

“Golf is not very relaxing for me actually.” — Shawn Thornton,

Not very relaxing for the other participants either should Thort miss an easy putt.


Sadly we didn’t have the $1600 to donate to play a few holes with Mr. Thornton. If you were there, let us know how it went.

Thornton’s been a busy man this summer — he signed a new contract, got dolled up to give some fashion advice, played in Looch’s softball game and now golfing. Not bad for a fourth line enforcer.

Speaking of that fashion thing… we’re still not sure why Thornton (and not the fashionitta Marc Savard) got picked for the style advice. My god did Thornton looked uncomfortable being pranced around.

Uncomfortable Shawn is uncomfortable.

We prefer our Thornton wearing this:

Sheep fucking is always hilarious.

And, yes, in August this counts as big hockey news.


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