Stupid Shootout. Bruins Lose.

Hard to be mad about a loss like this. Atlanta is a good time. Writing that sentence still feels weird, but they are. And the Bruins played a great game. Both teams did. Bruins put up 44 shots on Pavelec but he is solid. Both teams had their chances. This game feature fantastic back and forth action. Disappointing for Bruins fans, but if you’re a hockey fan no idea how you could not enjoy this game.

Thomas looked unfocused in the shootout. He needs rest. As awesome as he is, he is still 36 and likely fatigued. Gotta give the guy some rest. If Rask doesn’t get the start Saturday night we’ll be shocked.

So many positives to take from that game though. Surprised Wheeler didn’t get one of the three stars. He had a great game. He was being a huge jerk to the Thrashers all night.


We just wish a game like this didn’t have to end in a shootout. Let the teams play! Oh well. 

After the jump….. some great action, some questionable calls and another shootout defeat……





– Marchand gets sent to the ice right off the faceoff, ha.

– Tonight’s starting goaltender’s brought to you by Taco Bell, according to Jack. Just thought that was funny for some reason.

– How many teams are wishing they bid on Byfulgien this offseason considering how little Atlanta paid for him?

– Savard gets called for a slashing penalty as Savard argues. He’s a lousy lawyer apparently as the ref paids him no mind.

– Byfulgien and Enstrom pass back and forth on the blueline. Enstrom shoots with traffic in front. Looks like Thomas saw it too late. Goal. 1-0 Thrashers.

– Thrashers goal song is “Ole Ole Ole”? Wow. Just… wow.

– Ference tries to connect with Thornton but the third greatest NHL player of all time can’t settle the puck.

– Bruins having trouble getting things going through the first five minutes. 

– Seidenberg with a good opportunity but Pavlov’s dog makes the save. Wheeler follows soon after with a good chance of his own but Pavelec is there again.

– Bruins back on penalty kill after a call on Wheeler. Things immediately get hectic in front of Thomas but Boychuk gets the puck out. Phew.

– Byfuglien tries to shoot Thomas’ hand off as Thomas deflects the slapshot away. B’s need to take that point shot away from the Thrashers on the power play. Damn.

– Bruins kill penalty but getting severely outworked by Thrashers. Atlanta playing like they have something to prove. Could be trouble.

– Savard almost gets a long distance goal but Pavelec gets the pad on it.

– Horton takes a clear stick to the face but no call. Damn you Byfuglien.

– Apparently the people in Atlanta remember Jack Edwards trashing the crowds in Atlanta:


– Bruins getting their sea legs, pinning Atlanta  in their zone. Boychuk showcasing his heavy shot. He’s due for a goal. Has to happen soon.

– Thomas comes out to like center ice to make a stop. Slight exaggeration but Thomas is awesome.

– McQuaid blocks a shot and doesn’t look good. Heading to the bench.

– Patrice Purrgeron Bergeron gets the puck in the neutral zone and sprints towards the Atlanta net. Back hand goes five hole. Red light district. Game tied 1-1.

– Boychuk with a nice stop on a one timer in front of Thomas. That could’ve been dangerous. Boychuk with a strong game so far.

– Bogosian on his game with his poke checks tonight. Must think he’s a defenseman or something.

– Bruins starting to dicate play, as one Mr. Edwards would say. Horton and Savard almost hook up like its a drunken college party but Savard’s pass is just a couple inches off. Insert your own joke here.


– Days of Y’Orr pet peeve: When TV, radio, etc play Christmas commercials after Christmas is over. Knock it off with that stupid Jingle Bells commercial Hyundai.

– McQuaid back on the ice. Because he’s a hockey player.


– Every time Jack says Johnny Oduya I think of the song “Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya.”


– Every time he says Bergfors, for some reason we think of the phrase “I’ll give you whats for!” Yeah we got problems.

– Both teams exchange some good chances as the period winds down but no one can bury it. 1-1 after 20 minutes.


– Less than a minute in Krejci finds Wheeler with a nice pass as Wheeler heads into the Atlanta zone. He bears (get it!? GET IT!?) down on Pavelec and picks a corner. Boom. 2-1 Bruins!

– Boychuk intercepts a pass in the Bruins zone and sends it down to Horton. Horton misses but Savard beats out the icing. Nice.

– Seguin gets absolutely crushed. “He was the peanut butter in an ugly sandwich.” Got hammered by two guys and headed to the lockerroom.

Ugly Sandwich

– Bruins making this Pavelec fella work hard. Wheeler gets nailed in front of the Atlanta net and is slow to get up. Geez. He gets up though. See Bruins. Go to the front of the net. Pay the price. Good things should eventually happen. 

– Good thing Lucic is a wing because he is kind of awful at faceoffs.

– Jack and Brick sound like they might be going on a date soon. Good for them. They’d make a lovely couple.

– Stapleton runs Thomas. That is a mistake. Lucky he didn’t get killed. Bruins going on the powerplay.


– Seguin back on the bench as we come back from commercial. Powerplay starts and Bergeron is busy being a pimp.


– Powerplay looking good so far. Couple of really good chances. Powerplay ends early though as Horton is sent to the box. 4 on 4 time for a bit.

– Savard and Kampfer with some nice give and go action and Kampfer barely misses a goal as Lucic dislodges the net. Sooooo close Kampfer. Missed by an inch.

– Atlanta goes on the powerplay. Boychuk doesn’t care and clears the puck.

– Thrashers come back into the Bruins zone. This time Boychuk can’t clear and Atlanta gets the puck. Ladd is screening in front. Enstrom throws a puck on the net and Boychuk can’t get to it. Another powerplay goal. 2-2. 

– Jack keeps cursing the Bruins. Every time he says the Atlanta powerplay looks bad, they score.

– McQuaid gets called for boarding A.C. Slater. It was about as good as that time Slater and Zack fought. Bruins back on the penalty kill. Uh oh….


– Marchand gets a turnover and heads into the zone with Paille. Save by Pavelec. Byfuglien pushes Paille after the whistle. Wouldn’t it be funny if Paille went after Byfu… holy shit Paille went after Byfuglien. Jebus. Byfuglien has to have at least 400 pounds on Paille. Both go to the box for roughing. Byfuglien probably should’ve got an extra penalty but calls not going B’s way tonight.

It looked something like this:


– Wheeler having a strong game and draws Pavelec out of his net but B’s can’t convert. Penalty killed though. Phew.

– Boston’s top line playing like… a top line. Savard, Lucic and Horton mounting a furious assault on Atlanta couldn’t get a goal.


– Don’t even get nervous any more when Thomas goes down in a scramble around the net. You just know Thomas is going to make the save.

– Bruins playing hard tonight. Full team effort. Who knew that could lead to better results.

– Wheeler schools some Thrashers but Pavelec remembers he’s been good this season and makes a huge save. Nice try though Wheeler.


– Ference goes to the body for tripping after a hit. Fifth powerplay for the Thrashers. B’s need this kill.

– No one clearing the front of the net in front of Thomas. Not sure why the Bruins think letting two Thrashers screen Thomas is a good idea.

– Marchand and Paille get a two one on late on the penalty kill but nothing going. Jack Edwards is pissed about referees as the period ends 2-2.

– Marchand and Bergeron seemed to have developed some instant chemistry. Strong line. 

– After diving all night, the Thrashers get called for a weak penalty. Refs having a weak night.


Ref looked like he was dancing when making the call but was simply calling a slew foot.

– Bruins give away an odd man rush but Thomas caught a case of the splits and then made a nice save.

– Wild exchanges between both teams. Holy crap. What a game so far. 

– Horton with a great chance but shoots it directly at Pavelec. Don’t worry buddy, you’ll bust out of your slump soon.

– Remember Horton, chicks dig confidence.

– We didn’t know Atlanta was in Canada. Diving like they play for Montreal.


– Pavelec is being a huge dick. I mean really. Stop making all these good saves. Marchand with a great opportunity but Pavelec has to be a jerk and get there in time.

– Bruins keep shooting way too wide. And not intentionally wide like Jack Edwards always claimed Wideman was doing.

– Always fun seeing Boychuk crash the side. Not sure if he knows the goalie is off limits in terms of thunderous checks.

– Ference wants a goal tonight. He’s had a few good shots. Solid game by the Dman so far.

– Horton hanging out in the slot a lot tonight waiting for slapshots. He’s either pulling the trigger way too soon or way too late. He has to get out of his own head.

– Wheeler with another good set up but Pavelec makes the save on Chara. Chara was a bit slow on the shot. 

– “Wheeler stick handles into a foursome.” ~ Jack Edwards. Wheeler should be concentrating on the game. Goals now, orgy later.

– Bruins have been the better team this game, but Pavelec is keeping Atlanta afloat. What an asshole.

– Slater with perhaps the most blatant tripping call we’ve seen in awhile. Bruins need to capitalize on this powerplay.

– “Kampfer bangs Peverly.” ~ Jack Edwards. If you closed your eyes and listened to Jack Edwards call a Bruins game, you’d think he was doing play by play of an all dude porno.

– Bruins getting some good chances again but Pavelec is still there. Maybe he’ll faint again.

– Atlanta with some pressure of their own but Thomas Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaves. We’re petitioning to get dictionaries to change the word “save” to “Thomas”


– Byfuglien almost breaks the tie but Thomas is there again. What a game. Really don’t know what else to say. Great, great game to watch. 

– Furious chances by both teams at the end of the period but we’re heading to overtime. Every gets a point. Yay.



– Chara makes the smart move and gets the puck to Recchi in front but Recchi can’t get off a clean shot.

– Byfuglien sees some open ice but he’s fat and the Bruins catch up and stop him. Teams exchanging chances.


– Ryder playing his balls off tonight and comes thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to winning it for the B’s. 

– “Chara bangs Stewart.” ~ Jack Edwards. He loves to say “bang.”

– Ference and Recchi hit each other. You silly boys hitting each other and given the Thrashers a chance.

– Both teams exchange chances. This game is so good we’re having trouble finding things to make fun of Atlanta for. Sucks that a game like this has to be settled in a shootout.



We’ll take the point. Great game, disappointing results for the Bruins. But can’t say they didn’t try. See you Saturday Buffalo.

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