Surprise sponsor for Heritage Game

Yesterday was the grand unveiling of the jerseys the Montreal Canadiens and the Calgary Flames will wear for the Heritage Classic, aka the NHL’s attempt to exploit the novelty of freezing your ass off while watching a hockey game outdoors, in uncomfortable seating and probably with crappy, limited view and high priced tickets.

Like Fenway Park.

The Habs will be wearing the same white jersey they’ve been wearing since they’re inception.

Least it wasn’t this monstrosity.

Where’s Price? Oh, on the bench… again. Too easy!

Shit like that make us envy of Ray Charles.

The Flames, on the other hand, decided to go a little bit more “vintage” in their look while honoring the late Calgary Tigers. The jersey will have the Tiger stripe pattern but with the Flames logo.

Sad that they’re not going with the Tiger’s logo because it looks a lot like the Thundercats logo.

Thundercats — HO!

Lion-O would make an awesome captain.

For those who don’t know diddly about the Tigers — and why would you; they’ve been dead for decades — we turn to

The Tigers helped form the Western Canada Hockey League in 1921 to become the first major professional team in Calgary. In 1924, after winning the Western Canadian Championships, the Tigers became the first Calgary-based club to compete for the Stanley Cup, losing the best of three Finals in a sweep to the Montreal Canadiens led by Georges Vezina and Howie Morenz.

The excitement really came after all the brua-ha-ha was over and 2011 Heritage Classic sponsors came out to don the teams jerseys.

We’re all for The Grimace being the NHL Commish

Yea, we know this joke isn’t that original. But really, we just wanted to make these photoshop ideas into a reality. Life is now more complete.

Plus Bettman as The Grimace… classic.

During a phone interview with Patrice Purr-geron (he wouldn’t be caught dead at such a boring PR event), Ronald described why he decided to sponsor this particular event.

“When I saw what Reebok and the Calgary Flames were doing with their Heritage jersey I just said to myself, ‘Holy shit. Yes. Yes. They’ve got it. They fucking got it. Finally, a jersey that looks good.’ And then I did some blow off of Birdie’s ass.”–Ronald McDonald

Sad part is… he kinda looks good in that getup. He might be the only one, though. We think it might be the hair, or maybe the way he uses lipstick like a ten year old.


Is it sad that we kinda want to see Ronald lace up?


…October really needs to come. This is what we’re left with unless until camp begins or Chiarelli does something interesting like dump Sturm or Ryder, or shit in the corner. Hell, we’d take a Savard rumor right about now.

Time to go.


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