The Bear wants fans to write his new rule… but should they?

The Bear, Bruins rule
This is our what our relationship with our girlfriends will be like for the next several months

In case you haven’t heard, The Bear is back with a new commercial and the Bruins want fans to help write the rule. Below is the new vid:

The winner gets his or her video shown on Garden HDX, a ride on the Zamboni and “much more!” Fans get to vote on their favorites and you can spam your idea across the internet in hopes of getting positive votes. Blah, blah, blah. It’s a stupid popularity contest.

We love these Bear commercials and we love that the Bruins are actually trying to get the fans more involved and the like. But should fans really be writing the next Bear rule? We don’t think so. These videos are meant to be clever and we just don’t have faith that 1) enough fans will write a clever ending to this and 2) if a good, clever ending is written, enough people will vote for it.

We’re hoping to be proved wrong. We don’t think we will.

After the jump… the current leaders…

Your Current Leaderboard

Obviously, lots of rules dealing with shooting. Half of the current Top 10 have the word shoot in it. Makes sense. Hunter is shooting at two bears; hockey players shoot puck. Glad we can state the obvious.

But, really, there are few things more annoying at a hockey game than fans yelling at players to shoot. This isn’t NHL11. You don’t get to decide when a player shoots, and we’re pretty sure these pro hockey players know when to shoot. Just because they have the puck in their possession doesn’t mean they should shoot.

We know this contest has only been going on for less than 24 hours, but we have a feeling what’s up there now will be a trend among the rule writers.

Let’s break down the current Top 10:

#1: “ONLY ROOT FOR BRUINS TO SHOOT.” Other than Chris feels the need to type in all caps, this isn’t a horrible idea… except that it conjures up images of dumb fans yelling at the Bs to shoot every time they touch the puck. We’ve seen some people yell at the Bs to shoot when they had the puck in their own zone. It’s moronic at best. We’re anti-anyrulethatencouragesfanstoyellSHOOTatagame. Thumbs down.

#2: “Shoot Canadiens, not Bears.” This is dumb, dumb, dumb. When in the video do you see a Montreal Canadien player or fan appear? You don’t. Habs have nothing to do with this vid. Why is this at number 2? Thumbs down.

#3: “SHOOT THE PUCK, NOT THE BEAR.” This is like the love child of the first two ideas, but at least it doesn’t encourage fans to yell “SHOOT!” (directly, anyways). But it’s a rule for players, not fans. These are fan-oriented videos. Fans can’t shoot the puck from their seat. Thumbs down.

#4: “Beware: Bears Shoot Back.” This is closer to a rule for fans, but only barely. How does this stack up to rules like “Never date in the division”, “Never tuck in your jersey” and “Never leave a game early?” It doesn’t. Thumbs down.

#5: “Watch for the blindside hit!” This is clever but it’s not really a rule for fans. We’re giving neither a thumb down or up. It’s not fan-oriented so we want to give it a thumbs down, but it’s the, sadly, only clever idea in the top 5. Meh.


#6: “Remember to feed the hungry Bear.” Wow.. really? How is this in the Top 10? How is this fan-oriented or hockey related? Thumbs down.

#7: “Be able to back up your talk.” Yawn. Thumbs down.

#8: “You can’t catch the Bruin’s when their chasing the up.” This fails for a few reasons. One, learn some proper grammar, kid. It’s “Bruins” and “they’re” not “Bruin’s” and “their.” The Bruins don’t possess “when they’re chasing the cup” nor do they possess “chasing the cup.” English fail. Also, not a fan-oriented rule. Two thumbs down.

The Fonz has spoken
The Fonz has spoken

#9: “Leave the shooting to the B’s.” Outside of his incorrect use of “B’s”, this is by far our favorite of the current Top 10. It’s fan-oriented and we’re taking it (even if it’s not meant to be) as an “Don’t fucking yell SHOOT!” rule Thumbs Up.

#10: “Don’t Mistake a Boston Sighting of The Bear for Sasquatch.” Wow… what? Thumbs down.

Pole Vaulting Fail Gif - Pole Vaulting Fail

Sooooo…. yea, we’re not huge fans of fans creating a rule. If you dig deeper into what people have come up with they get even dumber. It’s why we have little faith that a fan will come up with a good rule for this commercial. There’s so much promise, we’d hate some dumbass ruin the commercial and the quality of these vids.

In case you’re wonder, the rule we created is “Never Yell Shoot.” Feel free to leave your own critique… fair is fair.


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