Thomas Feels Rask’s Pain. Bruins Lose.


No transition game. Little effort. Bad bounces. Refusal to fight back after said bad bounces. That was the Bruins tonight. Too bad they can’t play all their games on the road. Bruins are basically unstoppable on the road but hate playing at home for some reason.

Tim Thomas suffered his first loss of the season despite another great effort in net. Now he knows how Rask feels. He far outplayed the team in front of him and kept them in the game, but his teammates didn’t help him out.


In short, we want a refund. After their great start to the season, the Bruins have lost four of their last five. We knew the struggles would come. We were just hoping their would be more effort involved. Oh well.

After the jump… Thomas saves, Alfreddsson is old and Recchi….. fights?!?!


What We Liked:

– Tim Thomas. Bruins had a powerplay that was all kinds of bad. Ottawa had a fantastic shorthanded opportunity. The crowd groaned as they approached the Boston yet. But there was Thomas telling Ottawa to suck it and showing Ottawa how awesome he is.

– Chara forced that wuss Chris Neil to fight. Chara landed a good punch but then tripped over himself. Chris Neil thanked the hockey gods that he didn’t die.


– Speaking of Chara… not sure what Jesse Winchester did to Chara in the past. Maybe Jesse said some negative things about Chara’s physique. Who knows. But Chara was trying to break Winchester’s spine all night. Chara was pretending he was Bobby Brown and treated Winchester like he was Whitney (these jokes never get old… for us anyway).


– Late in the first Gonchar had Lucic lined up for a big hit… or so he thought. Lucic saw what was coming and unleashed the fury.


What We Didn’t Like:

– Rene Rancourt didn’t sing the national anthems. Some little girl did. She was no Rene. That is why the Bruins lost.

– Wheeler and Paille had a great shorthanded two-on-one opportunity of their own. And predictably it did not go well. Wheeler took too long to make the pass or shoot decision and Alfredsson had time to catch up and yell at the youngster’s to get off his lawn and break up the play. Oh man.

– Ottawa’s first period goal was a direct result of a clean faceoff loss back to the point for a goal Thomas never saw. This has been a common theme with the Bruins this season. Gross.


What We Liked:

– Jordan Caron quietly had a decent game for himself. Had a breakaway on the penalty kill and was strong on the puck. Good game from the youngster

– Jason Spezza got Jon’s fantasy team some penalty minutes. He really needed them this week.

– Jesse Winchester crashed Thomas’ crease. Thomas decided Chara shouldn’t be the only one having fun with him and hit him in the head. Don’t F with Tim Thomas.

– Shawn Thornton and Brad Marchand were good… again. Thornton almost scored again. Twice. And Marchand and Campbell were great on the PK once again. Fourth line our ass.

– Ottawa forwards Alex Kovalev and Peter Regin ran into each other, knocking each other to the ice. Nice job guys, nice job.

What We Didn’t Like:

– B’s kept trying to force passes to the slot and along the boards when lanes just weren’t open. It was awful to watch. No matter how many times it didn’t work, they just kept doing it. Sad.

– Chris Neil spotted the referees trying to break up a scrum… and therefore skated over and acted tough because he knew no Bruins could touch him.

– Blake Wheeler is not making things easy on himself. On a Bruins powerplay Patrice Bergeron fired a shot that beat Brian Elliot and trickled towards the goal line. Wheeler dove after it… and completely missed it with his stick…. then put it in with his hand. Umm…. NHL rules clearly state that is a no no.

We did a little research and found out Wheeler has a habit of using his hands when he’s not supposed to.

He used to player soccer and loved to grab the ball…

In college when students gathered on the quad to play hacky sack Wheeler would often ruin the game by using his hands…

Sometimes after a tough game Wheeler hits the strip clubs to relax and unwind. Rather, he used to. He keeps getting kicked out for violating the “no hands” policy.


Let’s Start With What We Didn’t Like:

– Lack of effort. What the hell Bruins. What the hell. Get it together boys.

– No one picked up Alfredsson in front on Ottawa’s second goal.

– Mark. F’ing. Recchi. He tried his best. He really did. His team was down, showing no effort. So he took it upon himself to try to fight. Chris Campoli held on for dear life. He was afraid of a man who is over 40 years old. That is how awesome Recchi is.

Recchi’s last fight was back in the Pleistocene era. He hunted much larger prey back then.

Twitter Pal Caitie had a great suggestion for the game’s three stars.

dgrecchistarsThat sounds accurate.

Dammit Bruins. Get your crap together and destroy the Devils on Monday. And please come back soon Krejci and Boychuk, ha.

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