Thomas for MVP. Bruins Win.


This was sort of a game of opposites for the Bruins. Lately they’ve been coasting until the third period and then they turn up the volume. Tonight, they came out like a team on a mission. The struggling Capitals were thoroughly dominated up and down the ice. The Bruins almost constantly swarmed the Capitals net. The first period ended with the Bruins up 3-0 and you had to wonder how ugly it was going to get for the Capitals.

Then the Bruins took their foot off the gas. The last half of the second and most of the third was coast city. Washington outshot the Bruins 26-2 in the third alone. That is not a typo. If the Caps weren’t struggling so bad and if Tim Thomas wasn’t so awesome the Bruins would’ve been in serious trouble. Boston let the Capitals hang around waaaaaaaaaaay too long. Luckily for the Bruins the HBO cameras are making the Capitals play bad. Oh wait, that is just the excuse a bunch of idiot hockey announcers used. Something is going on in Washington. No way someone doesn’t pay.

As good as their first period was, the Bruins probably should’ve lost this game. But Thomas saved them and a win is a win. And at the end, the B’s busted their three game losing streak by sending the Capitals to their 8th straight loss. Should be awesome watching HBO when Brucey B gets fired. Bruins still chasing that elusively 60-minute effort though. Hopefully they bring their A game on Rene Night on Monday.


After the jump, Seguin’s visit to the press box paying dividends, Wheeler looking good and fighting McQuaid is not a good idea…..




– Boychuk with some good D right off the bat, blocking Ovechkin in front of the Boston net. He seems pissed since his miscue in Buffalo.

– Ovechicken starting with Marchand after a whistle. Oh boy. Talented, but Ovechkin can be a wuss.

– Horton and Karl Alzner get in a little shoving match behind the Capitals net, but no gloves come off. Lucic shoved Dave Steckel and he smartly said no thanks Looch.

– Bruins are buzzing everywhere. The Bergeron-Wheeler line is producing chance after chance but nothing going in. Only a matter of time.

– Correction… they get rewarded for their dominance. Wheeler grabs the puck off a turnover and heads in the Caps zone. He passes back to Bergeron who snipes five hole. 1-0 Bruins. This line has been more dominant than the Legion of Doom the past couple games.

– Seguin trying to be a lot more physical tonight. Apparently he took his trip to the press box seriously. He’s been everywhere tonight. Good plays, good passes, good battles along the boards. Kid obviously paid attention upstairs.

– Bergeron came to play tonight too. Caps have no answer for Boston so far and Bergeron playing like he wants to score 10 goals.

– Energy line running around the Caps end causing havoc. You can feel something coming. Ference gets the puck and Thornton heads to the front of the net for the screen. Ference unleashes a shot. Boom. By our powers combined! 2-0 Bruins.


– Caps call a timeout to try to stop the bleeding.

– Off the ensuing face-off Matt Bradley says “Hey, I have an idea! I’ll fight to get my team some energy!” Adam McQuaid wanted to dance. Two seconds later Matt Bradley’s face said “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUCH!” Milk was a bad choice. Bradley gets smoked.


– Boychuk with a bad turnover in the Bruins end to Ovechkin. Guess Boychuk likes to pretend he’s human. But like a good neighbor Thomas was there.


– Halfway through the first and Caps only have 2 shots. Must be the HBO cameras.

– Seguin making some sweet ass passes tonight. You can see the skill set there. Just wait until he puts it all together. 

– Krejci hits Mike Green in the corner and Green writes in his journal about it in front of the HBO cameras.

– Wheeler just totally outdueled Ovechkin on the backcheck. 

– Bruins telling icing to F itself. Just outworking the Caps hard core. Where has this energy been the past few games?

– What did Claude put in the Bruins Gatorade? Bergeron takes the puck behind the Caps net, passes to Wheeler. Wheeler continues his strong game and buries the puck. 3-0 Bruins. Haven’t seen this level of cohesiveness since the days of the Hart Foundation. This pair looked unstoppable tonight.


– Caps get some good chances towards the end of the period, but get nothing. B’s are collapsing in front of Thomas. Caps head into the lockerroom down by three and are sure to hear some F-bombs as Bruce Boudreau puts on a show for the HBO cameras.

– During intermission we caught up with our pal Mark Marino of The Hub of Hockey. If you haven’t checked out his site, you probably should. Right now. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.


– Caps get called for offsides as Backstrom shoots at Thomas. Bergeron has a few words with him but nothing happens.  Just friendly chatting over tea.

– Mike Green pushing for more camera time for HBO and pretends he’s hurt after a hit.


– Capitals getting some chances but either Bruins sticks or Tim Thomas are denying them.

– Seguin uses his speed to get a breakaway but gets denied. Caps head up the other way and Matt Bradley tries to redeem his pride by beating Thomas. Thomas looked pissed. 3-1.

– Chimera has the puck in the Bruins zone and McQuaid pushes him… into Lucic. Chimera soon got acquainted with the ice.

– Bergeron and Wheeler continue their tag team effort as Bergeron feeds Wheeler but Wheeler delays just a tad too much and the Bruins are denied. 

– Thomas leaves his crease for some reason and the Bruins are in trouble. But then, as per usual, Thomas makes two spec-fucking-tacular saves to keep Washington off the board. No idea how he got those back to back stops. B’s got a bit lucky when Caps had Thomas down and missed a wide open net but Thomas is earning his paycheck.


– Marchand goes to the box for high sticking and pushes Backstrom on his way there. Caps powerplay. Not sure if Backstrom is smack talking the B’s tonight but no one seems to like him.

– Caps whiff on a cross crease pass that could’ve been trouble for the Bruins but no dice. B’s powerplay is again sponsored by Dexter.

– Campbell loses the puck off a Horton pass but gets it right back and gets the shot off. But it’s all hiiiiiiiigh and wiiiiiiiide. Like Boudreau.


– Some douches where trying to start the wave. This is a hockey game assholes. Go back to Fenway and pretend to watch baseball or something.

– Bruins taking their foot off the gas a little. Not sure if they realized this is only the second period.

– Seguin continues to look good tonight. Segs and Ryder almost get something going in the Caps end but too many white jerseys in front of the shot.

– PA people play Walk by Pantera during a break and we started dicussing ECW. Just thought you should all know. ECW was awesome.


– Turnover in Bruins end again but Thomas tells Washington they can’t Capitalize. Get it?!?! Yeah, we’re sorry. Terrible joke. Like Bruce Boudreau.


– Neuvirth goes down while Bruins are pressing hard. Must be a tactic to stop the Bruins furious attack.

– Chimera tries to skate the puck out of the Caps zone but Lucic tells him to sit down again. Period ends with B’s still up 3-1.


– McQuaid and Bradley had some words in front of the Bruins net. We’re guessing McQuaid was calling him a bitch.

– Wheeler schooled Ovechkin. Again. What world are we in? Wheeler on fire tonight.


– Haven’t seen Marchand on the ice in awhile. No idea whats going on there, but hopefully it’s nothing bad.

– McQuaid just ruined a guy in the corner. Apparently he has blood lust.


– Seidenberg took a page from McQuaid and ruined Hendricks in the corner.

– Backstrom dangling around the Bruins net but Thomas makes goaltending look easy.


– Caps have surpassed Bruins in shots, 27-20 at the 12 minute mark. Not good. Caps are struggling but you don’t let that team hang around like this. B’s need some killer instinct.

– Sloppy Bruins start to rear their ugly heads. This could get uglier than your mom.

– Washington has Bruins pinned in their own zone. Can’t get out. Don’t even remember the last time B’s had a shot.

– Bruins finally head the other way and get a great chance when Bergeron and Ryder hook up. Kampfer’s stick breaks at the point and the Caps head the other way. Caps start getting some good chances again but Thomas answers. Noticing a theme yet?

– Bruins stuck in their zone again. Alzner shoots from the point. Not sure Thomas even saw it. 3-2 now. Bruins refusing to put Caps away. If not for Thomas, this game is 10-3 Capitals.

– Chara DESTROYS Ovechkin in the corner. Wow, ha. Ovechkin is probably going to run Chara for the rest of the game.

– Pass back to the point in the Bruins zone and Mike Green totally whiffs. Guess that is one way to clear Bruins. Pass to Green!

– Campbell  nails Backstrom in the neutral zone but Backstrom lands on his feet. He must be part cat or something.

– Carlson gets Mike Green syndrome and whiffs on a slapshot, but Bruins can’t get control and we’re back in the Bruins zone.

– Capitals net is empty as Washington tries to tie it up. The way the B’s have been playing this period, it could get ugly.

– Things get testy in the Bruins end after a Thomas save. Some shoving going on but everyone kisses and makes up.

– It was a bit scary but the Bruins hang on. They need to buy Thomas some beer, a puppy, a unicorn… whatever. Thomas saved this game. See you Monday Gordon Bombay.

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