Tuukka Rask Meltdown Watch

For the forseeable future you will see a new feature around Days of Y’Orr, particularly in our Previews and Recaps when Rask plays/starts.

Our dear, dear Tuukka Rask is 1-6-1 on the season, a record that does not reflect his level of play. Just look at his .926 save percentage and you’ll see Rask has been no slouch this season.

We’re used to seeing Two U’s, Two K’s, Two Points. This year he’s been lucky if his team plays well for even 10 minutes in front of him.

Does he team hate him? Do they want him to explode? Do they enjoy seeing him suffer?

Throughout the season Rask has talked about how he’s happy Thomas is doing so well and that he knows it’s just bad luck that he hasn’t been as successful as he’d like. He’s never once come out and bashed his teammates or their effort. He just smiles and says his time will come.

But look into his eyes. You can see the anger burning. He is but a man! No man can continue to take what Rask has been forced to deal with and not explode!

Eventually… milk crates all across Boston are going to pay.

So we’re starting the “Tuukka Rask Meltdown Watch”, a simple meter that shows how close he is to totally flipping out and tossing milk crates onto the ice, into the crowd, at his defensemen, etc. We’re not implying Rask has anger issues, we’re simply saying that he has to be reaching his limits. How can he not be?!

Even his fantasy stock is plummeting! Poor guy.


As you can see, the meter has five stages. Today we’re being generous and saying Rask is starting to get irritated, but hasn’t completely gone bat shit crazy yet. The Days of Y’Orr computers will continue to monitor Rask’s temperment and keep you, the fans, updated and let you know if you need to take cover. Enjoy.


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