VERSUS to Bruins fans: Stop stealing our ads… pretty please?

Boston Bruins VERSUS bus shelter ad

If you haven’t seen the above ad it’s because Northeastern kids vandals Bruins fans are actually stealing them off the trolleys and bus shelters. Or so we’re being told by a PR group that works for Versus (they asked for their name to be withheld… witness protection or something).

We’re actually flattered Versus/PR group think we’re influential enough to contact us about this. And hell, maybe we are. Who knows? Here’s what the email said. Bold is us, not the PR group.


Hope you’re doing well.  Wanted to touch base as VERSUS has been working with the NHL to kick off the season with a huge ad campaign.  They’ve taken over buses and bus shelters in several cities throughout the month of October to promote the NHL on VERSUS.  The campaign kicked off last week in Boston to coincide with the puck dropping on the 2010/11 regular season on October 7 as Zdeno Chara and the rest of the Bruins have teamed up with Versus to celebrate the return of hockey.

We actually just got word that it’s been such a big hit in Boston that the bus shelters are actually being vandalized throughout the city.  Fans are taking apart the bus shelters (and vinyl players) and have been taking them home.

Overall cities included buses in Boston (T), Chicago, Minneapolis and D.C. and bus shelters in Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis and Philly

Here are some images of what the campaign in Boston looks like.  Would love for you to post these on your site.

Let me know if you think you can use.


Boston Bruins State St. bus shelter VERSUS adVERSUS ad Boston Bruins Trolley ad

Boston Bruins Stuart St. Park Plaza VERSUS adBoston Bruins VERSUS ad Brookline Ave

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We’re told that ads have been stolen from the Park Drive/Beacon St. and the Brookline/Fenway bus shelters. The PR group isn’t sure if Chicago, Minneapolis, DC and Philly fans are stealing decals, too. We can’t say we blame the Bruins fans… these ads are pretty sweet. But if you need any more evidence that Boston is excited about hockey, this is it.

Sooo, in short: Versus and their PR group are stoked that you love their ads, Bruins fans, but please leave them on the trolleys and bus shelters for everyone to enjoy. Or something like that.


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