We love PJ Stock, too, but…

We’re about to give away a Days of Y’Orr staff secret to how we find some of these obscure Boston Bruins posts to ridicule — Google Alerts. Each day we get an email from Google on some of the latest Bruins news and blog posts… and one day maybe we’ll find one of our posts in the alert.

Reason we mention this is because what we’re about to share would make us look…err… questionable to some. In a recent “Boston Bruins” Google Alert was this:


Don’t get us wrong. We love PJ Stock. He provided Bruins fans with something to cheer about most nights. We owned his “PJ Stock Crew” t-shirts when we were in high school and got in trouble for wearing it to school. It did make for a fun Graduation Class group photo, though.

PJ Stock Love
We <3 PJ, too.

But a sex video? And one as a tribute to PJ Stock? Is it of two guys pummeling each other before they pummel each other? Is it some chick wearing a “PJ Stock Crew” tee or Stock jersey while diddling herself speaking dirty with bad hockey puns; something like “Stuff it in and score?” or worse yet, “Why don’t you dump it in the corner.”

We prefer a good ol’ YouTube video of Stock bashing some faces in (with his fists; not his penis) over a case of beer.

And for those wondering: No, we didn’t click the link. We’re too frightened of what might be on the other end of that cyber-door. Feel free to visit yourself and let us know what you find. You’ll win some points of some sort.


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