We Want Cusick: Day Five


We’ve received an overwhelming number of support for the “We Want Cusick” movement so far. It’s been tweeted by a bagillion fans (we didn’t count but it seems like a fair number), bloggers, (such as SportsGirlKat and The Hockey Blog Adventure), ESPN writers, CSNNE bloggers and talent, Pucky Daddy. And now Boston.com has jumped on the “We Want Cusick” wagon. We sent Fluto an email on Friday about our idea and asked him to pass the word along to his readers. We didn’t think anything would come of it… and yet… he gave us a nice shout out in one of today’s posts (Salute to Cusick), including excerpting part of our email to him. We’re Internet Famous now which is kinda funny since we’re a damn blog.

So big thanks to Fluto. We’ll try not to be too critical of his coverage of the Bs this year as a thank you gift.

We’ve been monitoring the comment section which normally is just asking for trouble, we know, but so far the idea has gotten a warm welcome from most fans. There have been a few who don’t like the idea. To each their own. So far it seems to be a 90% favoritism for the proposal. And to get 90% of Bostonians to agree on anything is nigh impossible.

Cusick makes the impossible happen.

It’s also been suggested by a DOY reader and Bruins fan that we start a petition for this movement. Ask and you shall receive. Sign up for the “We Want Cusick Petition.” We just launched this puppy about an hour or so ago. Sadly, PetitionSpot isn’t recognizing us as the authors of this thing (we just made the damn petition), so we can’t change the photos of this dude from Lost.

Despite the hair and beard, this is not one of our writers. Also, not Cusick.
Lame. But you know what’s not lame? Fred Cusick.
Know what’s also not lame? Bruin fans. Our buddy Tuukka Time pointed us to an HFBoard thread that someone started about our idea (no idea if the kid was trying to steal it from us or not, but it furthers the cause so we’re cool with it). Apparently one of the users took it upon himself  to create a template for what the “SCORE!” celebration could sound like. We were thinking of replacing the “Woo!” with “SCORE!” but this idea of “SCORE!” going off right before the buzzer is interesting, too. We’re open to ideas.
We have a new ringtone. Stick tap to SirNim for creating this and letting us share it.
Let’s keep spreading the word. Sign the petition, download in JPG and PDF form, contact your season ticket rep or Bruins Fan Relations Department at 617-624-2327. Email them at

fanrelations@bostonbruins.com. Better yet. Do it all.
Tomorrow… we figure out why someone would think giving Milan Lucic and Shawn Thornton a baseball bat was a good idea.

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