We Want Cusick: Day Two

We at the Days of Y’Orr HQ wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who forwarded links, retweeted or hyped up the “We Want Cusick” movement post yesterday. We’re stoked that there are so many other Bruins fans out there that love the idea. We’ve gotten a lot of support from other bloggers and NHL writers, too, and we know at least one Bruins employee has forwarded the idea to the proper authorities — so hopefully this will happen.We’d thank you all, but that would be an entire post in itself, and we know we’d miss everyone who reposted from those we know posted.
Let’s keep the movement and momentum going. If you haven’t yet, shoot your season ticket rep an e-mail. If you’re not a STH, call the Bruins offices. Call the Bruins Fan Relations Department at 617-624-2327. Email them at

fanrelations@bostonbruins.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to vie. We already did.
Be sure to shoot us an email and let us know if you have any good Cusick stories, or any good run ins with the “We Want Cusick” movement. We’ll share ’em with the DOY community.
You can download a copy of the above Cusick/SCORE! poster (8×11) in JPG and PDF form. Hang it in your office… right where the photo of your wife and kids should be. They’ll understand.
Props to Paul M. who found this video of some great Cusick/Peirson Bobby Orr goal calls.
Those were the days.
Post-signing Wheeler Reactions
For all the crap that Wheeler has been given over the course of the past year (with no shortage of poo flinging from us), there’s a lot of optimism coming from the Boston media and fans. We think maybe most people were just crapping themselves that Chiarelli would sign Wheeler to some Ference-esque level of a rediculous contract.
One man who’s been talking good of Wheeler all season has been Matt Kalman of TheBruinsBlog.net. He’s defended Wheels, citing his work ethic as a strong pro for Blake. We don’t know about his work ethic; we’re not at the practices. We just see the end results at games and go by that. But we’d be retarded not to heed to Kalman’s opinion of this one. If he says Blake’s working hard off season and practices, we’ll believe it. We’re just hoping that all this work ethic and potential can be converted into some offensive production.
We’re hard on Wheeler because we care. We’re the asshole stepfather of fans. Sure, we’re not the biological parent, but we still want the best for Little Blake. And sometimes that comes out in long rants about things that are more useful than Wheeler. Again. It’s love.

[Wheeler]’s so hard on himself, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he was one of those radio callers and email senders with awful things to say about his game. –Matt Kalman, TheBruinsBlog.net

We love that image.
“Go to the fucking net, asshole!
He’s got more upside than Bionic Sturmface and “I think I’ll sit this one out” Michael Ryder. But we’ll still have to wait a few months to see if his backyard shooting drills are paying off.
Speaking of which: Is it October yet?

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