We Want Cusick!


One of the things the Bruins as an organization tend to fail a bit at (other than closing out a series in which they’re up 3-0) is honoring their history. Or at least parts of it.

Sure they celebrated the 40th anniversary of the 1970 Cup win this year. They put up that awesome Bobby Orr statue. And that’s a great start. But we want more. This request is not even that major. Just a simple ode to a man that was a huge part of Bruins history without ever lacing up the skates for the Bruins.

We are talking about the legendary Fred Cusick. Cusick was the Bruins TV/Radio announcer for 45 years. On September 15th, 2009 Cusick passed away after losing his battle with bladder cancer. The Bruins honored him later in the season with a pre-game ceremony and dedicated the broadcast booth to him, but that is not enough in the minds of the Days of Y’Orr staff.

After the jump, a call to arms for all Bruins fans!

If you have been to a Bruins game over the past couple years, surely you’ve heard the post-goal announcment. The PA announcer dude reads off the goal scorer, the assists, etc. Then he plays a recording of Ric Flair’s famous “Wooooooooooooo!” We cannot confirm rumors that he then chops an intern in the chest pro wrestling style.


Kinda silly to use a Canes/Whales tradition anyways

But we’ve got a better idea. Why not honor Cusick by playing a sound byte of his famous “Score!” after every Bruins goal? Surely a much better way to celebrate a goal and honor a man that meant so much to both the Bruins and fans alike.


Just imagine hearing Cusick’s voice after every Boston goal. Fans would love it. We here at Days of Y’Orr definitely feel it would add a little something after the goal. Think of the Bruins scoring a huge goal in the playoffs followed by Cusick’s “Score!” with every fan in attendance yelling the same. We can’t think of a better way to honor Fred Cusick.

During the dedication ceremony, the PA announcer noted that “Fred will always be connected to the thousands of great Bruins moments and his unmistakable voice will be forever missed.” Well, why not connect Fred’s voice to the thousands of new memories the Bruins have yet to produce?

So we ask you for you help fellow Bruins fans. If you’re a season ticket holder, call your rep. If you’re not, call the Bruins offices. Call the Bruins Fan Relations Department at 617-624-2327. Email them at Make signs at games when the season starts. Tell your friends. Tell people you don’t like. Tell your dog. Spread the word. Tell ’em Days of Y’Orr sent you. Tell them that “We Want Cusick”. Together, we can make this happen.

To help with the movement, we’ve made a flyer for you to download in JPG and PDF form. Download it; print it; bring it to practices, games, bar crawls, bahmitzvahs, weddings, your prom, etc.

Click the image to download the full size poster as a JPG.



Editor’s Note: Since this posting we’ve created an online peition you can sign. Spread the word!

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