We Want Rancourt… not Tyler

Rene Rancourt Winter Classic fistpump

Gary Dzen of Boston.com is reporting that Steven Tyler, not Rene Rancourt, will sing the national anthem tomorrow night at the Garden.

“Tyler’s appearance will help the Boston Bruins Foundation kick off its season-long raffle for a customized Bruins motorcycle.”

And a little more info from BostonBruins.com:

“The motorcycle, which was built by Dirico Motorcycles, USA, Tyler’s motorcycle company, features Bruins graphics and autographs from Bruins President Cam Neely, Ray Bourque, Phil Esposito, Patrice BergeronZdeno Chara,Milan Lucic as well as Steven Tyler.”

That’s how we feel about the motorcycle.


That’s how we feel about not hearing Rancourt tomorrow night.

Not to seem like we’re crapping all over a kid-focused charity, but c’mon… Steven Tyler? Over Rene “Golden Pipes” Rancourt? We’re talking about the opening home game, here. Where’s the respect? Where’s the love? We’re talking Bruins tradition here.

We’re still pissed that Rancourt got snubbed for James F-ing Taylor at the Winter Classic this past winter.

And we’re not the only ones.

After the jump, a quick look at people’s initial reactions to Tyler vs. Rancourt…

From Twitter…


Rene Rancourt Tweet



From the Boston.com story comment section:


We like bagwan’s juvenile “Karl is a wang” comment. We co-sign it, in fact.

I guess really we should just be glad Steven Tyler can stop doing coke long enough to sing the anthem tomorrow.

But we’re just going to play this on our iPhones instead.

Viva la Rancourt!


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