Where were the Bruins? Stamkos Wins.


Seasons have their ups and downs. This was one of those down nights for the Bruins. Really down. So down the Bruins didn’t even show up. This was one of those games we’d be pissed if we paid to see it. No fight, no effort. Lots of standing around watching Tampa Bay dominate. If we were Rask, we’d quit. Seriously. Why do the Bruins hate Rask? 


…. nah. Thomas isn’t like that. Or is he!!? We just have no other explanation.

This game was just all around terrible. It was like that time in college the guy down the hall got really drunk and woke up next to his sister and neither one of them had pants on and there was a condom wrapper on the night stand. That was the Bruins night tonight.


After the jump, a giant mountain of crap……..




– Bruins were just outclassed and were lucky to escape the period still tied. Thanks Rask. You the man.

– At one point Steve Downie decided it was a good idea to take a run at Chara. Downie’s ass got acquainted with the ice rather quickly.

– Mark Stuart has been awesome lately. We feel that has been overlooked. He was blocking shots like they were pillows.

– Don’t remember what period it was, but Stuart also ended Ryan Malone. Ouchies.

– Lightning kept swarming, Bruins kept watching pucks go by them without even trying. Way to bring the fire boys. Cam Neely would be proud. And by proud we mean enraged.


Three simple pictures explain this period for the Bruins:



This was the Bruins. A big, steaming pile of elephant poop. When the Bruins want to be, they are just scary good. When they’re not into it, they’re about as good as the Islanders. Embarrassing loss tonight.




Stamkos is basically a god. Jebus. If this kid played in a better hockey market people would be talking about him being in the top three players in the league with Crosby and Ovechkin. 20 goals in 21 games is ridiculous. It ain’t luck either. He’s good.



Poor Rask. We just want to give him a hug. He didn’t even stand a chance. Doesn’t matter how good you are, when the team in front of you plays like the Bruins did you’re going to lose. We’re surprised there are any milk crates left in the state of Florida. He was incredible in the second, especially towards the end. This game should’ve been 23-0 but Rask is really good. Seriously, don’t let his record fool you. 


– Martin St. Louis is good too. Tampa has one of the best top lines in the league, hands down. The chemistry between Stamkos and St. Louis is unbelievable. 


– Ryder scored his sixth of the season to at least save the B’s from the embarrassment of getting shutout. Thanks Ryder. Ryder playing like he wanted Sturm to go to the AHL. Paid off. Too bad rest of the team had nothing.

– Tampa Bay is an underrated team. Cup contender? Eh, we don’t think so. Not yet. But close. So fun watching Stamkos and St. Louis as a hockey fan. Terrible watching them as a Bruins fan tonight.


Games like this are going to happen. It sucks but what can you do. Bruins top line was nowhere to be found. That can’t happen. The important part is how the Bruins respond. Our concern? Effort has been a problem this season for the Bruins. Not this bad of course. But they rarely give a full 60 minutes. That is going to be a problem. See you on Wednesday Panthers.

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