AHL Senators Fall. Bruins Win!

Two U’s, Two K’s, Two road wins to start the six game road trip. Rask got a much deserved and needed back to back start and he played his balls off. The Bruins came out flat. The Senators AHL team was all over them. Rask kept them in the game long enough for the Bruins to explode.

Kaberle and Kelly debuted for the Bruins. Both looked good, especially considering it was their first game with the team and they’ve barely had time to meet their teammates. Big changes came to the Bruins today and it was nice to wind down with a victory.

Brad Marchand continues to impress. What a beast that kid is. He is oozing confidence. Seguin got another point, assisting on Marchand’s first goal. Rookies hooking up the B’s! Bruins are going to need those two to continue to pitch in if they want to make a long playoff run. 

B’s didn’t explode until the third period against a bad Senators team, but two wins to start the road trip is fantastic. Bruins off until Tuesday when they face an improved Flames team. Bring it.

After the jump…. Marchand is awesome, Rask is awesome and power outages suck……

– Rask getting the back to back starts. We like it. Rask needs his reps and Thomas needs his rest!

– Kaberle in the lineup. See how he adjusts in his first game with a different team.

– So… who hasn’t Ottawa traded away yet? Is the city for sale?

– Neither team looking sharp so far. Looks like B’s are trying to find their legs, and Ottawa is icing an AHL team.

– Benoit just nailed Paille… but his fall was kind of slow. Weird. 

– Sens arena is quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiet. Not even sure anyone is there.

– Lucic almost gets something going but Horton can’t get a stick on the pass. Looch playing confident past few games.

– Sens going to the box for high sticking and we get our first look at a Bruins powerplay with Kaberle. That kind of rhymed. Sweet.

– Puck goes by Kaberle at the blueline to start the powerplay. You know some fans somewhere were cursing Chiarelli and Kaberle already after that.

– Chris Kelly getting some powerplay time. Julien trying to role the new guys.

– Ryder with a sneaky shot that produces a rebound but Sens clear. Bruins are now 0-1 on the powerplay. TRADE KABERLE!

– Bruins give up a breakaway after a nice shift from Seguin, Marchand and Horton but Rask is already in the zone.

– Paille with a nice odd man rush with Thornton but he shoots the puck into a diving Benoit. Boooooo.

– Ottawa all over the Bruins and come within inches of getting a wrap around. B’s better find their legs soon.

– Wow, ha. Bruins getting dominated. So sluggish. 

– Lucic came to play though. Almost scores again. He wants to get to that 30 goals mark baaaaaaaaad it seems.

– Rask has been ridiculously good already. Bruins are going to need that if they continue to play sleepy.

– Wow…. Spezza with a crafty, quick shot that almost fools Rask. Rask getting a lot of reps in. Good thing he played last night and isn’t coming in cold because he’s not getting much help.

– Period ends 0-0 and the Bruins are lucky there were no goals. They were terribly outplayed by the Sens. Hopefully they get their shit together for the second period.

– Some vicious thunder and lightning in Boston tonight. Great show! 

– Bruins starting the period with some great cycling but can’t really get anything going.

– Damn Lucic. Trying to be a one man team tonight. And we mean that in a good way. He’s got an “if you’re not going to help, I’ll do it myself” attitude tonight. 

– Kaberle with some  nice moves entering the Ottawa zone and throwing a pass in the slot but nothing going.

– Annnnnnnd crap. Spezza passes to Butler in the high slot and the Bruins don’t pick him up. Goal city all day. 1-0 Sens. Should’ve seen this coming. Ottawa not giving up despite all the moves this week.

– Lucic tripped and the Bruins are going back on the powerplay. Lucic is a beast tonight.

– Chara with a nice one timer but Lehner with the save. Nuts.

– Bruins good cycling again but Sens blocking shots. Jerks.

– Kamper with a bomb but he juuuuuuuuust misses the net. Powerplay over. No goals but their two powerplays have looked decent so far.

– Marchand bails out the Bruins by blockign a rebound chance. B’s head the other way…. Seguin to Marchand…. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL. Tie game. Nice little play for Marchand and Seguin. 1-1.

– Some Sens player tries to start with Ference after a whistle. Thornton comes over and says hey what’s up. Then Carkner comes over and says a few words but the refs are on top of things. Everyone just exchanges pleasantries.

– Seguin having a solid game. Guess that time watching from upstairs did him some good.

– Jack reminds us that Krejci and Kaberle were teammates at the Olympics. Reunited.

– Bruins opening up a camp site in the Ottawa end. Been in the offensive zone forever, ha. Ottawa forced to ice the puck. Let’s see if the Bruins can capitalize on some tired Sens players….

(It was at this point we lost power. Crazy. Went to the car and listened to the rest of the game on the radio)





Alex Kovalev scores. No one cares. BRUINS 4-2

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