All Good Things Must Come To An End. BRUINS LOSE

Yes, Jon or Robb isn’t doing a game recap. Shocking, I know. So if it sucks, suck me dry because both were incapacitated last night with illness. First, I would like to state that I saw this coming. In fact, most of Bruins fans out there should have. The B’s played an amazing game in Pittsburgh then had to travel 1300 miles overnight to play a game against the 9th place Jets. I don’t know about you, but if I was putting on a black and gold sweater in the “Shit City”, I wouldn’t be to amped to play a hockey game. In fact, it seemed that Boychuk and Pouliot were really the only two Bruins who showed up last night.

It’s funny to see what fans of a shit franchise will do when they win a “big game”. At the end of last night’s game, you would’ve thought that Winnipeg just won the Stanley Cup. Their fans were hootin and hollerin, the team (for some bizarre reason) came out into the middle of the ice and acknowledged the fans like it was the last home game of the playoffs. Really? You won a regular season game against a tired Bruins team. Remember this Jets fans, your team is 1-1 against the defending Stanley Cup champs. Atlantipeg couldn’t beat them in Boston as the second game of a back-to-back but for some reason doing it at home means that this team is primed for the playoffs.

Sorry, your not. It’s two points in December.

In fact, it took a hot Pavelec stopping 39 shots and Lucic missing a wide open net to win this game. Before you go crowning the Jets the greatest team because they ended a 15 game point streak, remember where you are. You’re 9th in the East and you’re not better than Washington or Montreal. Expect to be about 12th when it’s all said and done.

Another issue I have with these “Jets” fans is that people often mistake their idiocy for passion. Sorry, booing during a timeout doesn’t really show me passion. Neither does pulling the old “Montreal” when a player goes down and you cheer, then instantly boo despite it not being close to a penalty. Just because your fanbase doesn’t have an identity yet doesn’t mean that you have to take that of hockey’s worst one.

It’s shit like this that really pisses me off:

What pisses me off? EVERYTHING!...

Peter Tessier of HockeyBuzz wrote this bullshit piece about the Bruins losing credibility in losing to the Jets because of “dirty, disgusting play from the Bruins”. Tessier then goes on to mention instances from last year (Thomas hit on Sedin [who did have the puck bud], Marchand slapping Sedin around like a ragdoll, Chara guiding Pacioretty into the stanchion)) and this year (Lucic “pounding” Miller) and somehow incorporates that into David Krejci trying to murder Mark Stuart.

Here’s the video:

Watch it. Tessier states “I would suspect that Mr. Krejci will be having a chat with the Sheriff, Brendan Shanahan but I won’t hold my breath.” Well no shit bud because that hit was not illegal. In fact, watch it again. Stuart sees Krejci coming and at the last second turns his body away from the hit. What other reason is there for Stuart, a good (and missed in Boston) defenseman to turn the other way? The puck clearly didn’t jump up on him. He saw Krejci coming, tried to go the other way and Krejci whacked him.

But Tessier is as homery as the rest of us. He goes on to speak about passion and how the Bruins are cheaters. I don’t get it. You know what it is? Jealousy. I talked about it in the preview so I’m not going to bother doing that here. My theory is that the NHL is so watered down and pussified that when the Bruins are playing their style of hockey, a big, physical, in  your face style of hockey, it unnerves people. They want to see players gliding and dekeing and doing double fucking axles. They don’t want to see Milan Lucic burying someone on the ice. They can’t handle it. Again, jealousy.

Ok, now to the breakdown!

– Shawn Thornton scored a goal, which means all is right with the world.

– Johnny Boychuk was great last night, as he was in Pittsburgh. He delivered some big hits, the biggest making Evander Kane go ass over tea kettle in the first period.

– Once again, Benoit Pouliot is getting better and better with each game. Chiarelli may have found a diamond in the rough with this guy and Claude has been getting some production out of him.

– Tyler Seguin. First off, what the fuck are you thinking? You have an obligation to your team to be at meetings and gatherings on time. As a 19 year old, I slacked when it came to getting up and going to work, but I was working at Shaws, not for the NHL. It’s unacceptable to let things like this happens, which is why I’m happy he was sat. Rumor has it that this isn’t the first time Seguin has missed meetings (even if it was just team breakfast) so I hope he learned from it. The Bruins could’ve used him last night. He looked pissed in the press box too, which is a good thing.

– Twitter. Time to lay off Tuukka Rask people. How dare he let up two goals when his GAA is 2.09 (which ranks 10th overall) and his save percentage is a .927 (12th overall). Ladd’s goal was as accurate as hell. Little’s goal sucked from the beginning of the breakout. I’m not getting the Tuukka hate. He’s a backup thats virtually better than everyone else’s starters. He doesn’t play a lot (only 9 games played out of 26) and when he does play, there’s little support in front of him.

The same goes for Julien. Last night people were roasting Julien. Why? He’s playing with the hand he’s delt. You know that 15 game point streak? Didn’t hear shit from you then.

– Milan Lucic. You gotta bury that open netter. Isn’t that your specialty?

– Will the Bruins bounce back against a good Florida team on Thursday?

– What does a horseshoe do? Does it come with horse socks?

– Can Tyler Seguin wake up on time?

– When will Winnipeg learn to suck it?