All Your Base Are Belong to Them. BRUINS WIN.

Four wins in a row. Outscoring opponents 24-8 in that span. Complete and utter domination.

The Bruin are undefeated in November after an absolutely atrocious October and are really resembling the Bruins that won the Stanley Cup.

Before the game the only take was Taylor vs Tyler and who is the better player. Who gives a flying Pouliot. We get it, they were drafted back to back but comparing them at this point in their careers is stupid. We won’t know who is better until they both retire and we’re sure they’re both tired of answering the same old stupid questions. But if you’re into that sort of thing, here’s a score card for you. Stanley Cups: Seguin 1, Hall 0.

The first period was weird. The Oilers may be overperforming thus far this season based on what we saw last year but they’re a young team with skill on a hot streak with a lot of confidence. The Bruins came out like machines, getting numerous scoring chances and finally capitalizing to build a 2-0 lead. Then they took their foot off the pedal and the game was quickly tied 2-2 going into the second.

On top of the fact that the lady at the concession stand gave us Celtics cups for our Cokes instead of Bruins cups, we were starting to think this night was going to go down hill fast. Then the Bruins of Doom took over.

The Bruins are on fire heading into an important match up with the no Cup having Sabres on Saturday. Shoot to Kill Bruins, Shoot to Kill.

After the jump…. Destroychuk gives no home time sympathy, Seguin and Marchand in your mouth and Rask wins again….

– You think Boychuk might have been just a tad motivated playing against his hometown Edmonton Oilers? Three shots on goal, 1 goal, 2 hits, 1 kill.

– For those counting at home, both of Destroychuk’s goals this season have been the first goal of the game.

Reader Andy also hooked us up with this awesome picture of Boychuk’s reaction after they announced his goal:


– How awesome are Seguin, Marchand and Bergeron together? Or any combination of the three? They are tearing up the NHL and they left a path of destruction again last night.

– Rask got his second win of the season. Poor little guy hasn’t had much luck. Sure, he was shaky. But a win is a win. Enjoy it you Raskally Rabbit.

– We haven’t been the biggest Corvo fans, but the guy had a great game last night. Seems like he might finally be getting the hang of Julien’s system. Three assists and just some really strong overall play. Keep it up and we’ll stop trying to send you back to the Carolina Hurripansies.

– We are still taking credit for Lucic’s turnaround. We accept whiskey, meatball subs and anything Batman related. Make all checks payable to Purrgeron Industries. Thanks Boston. You’re welcome.

– Cam Barker, we thank you. The Oilers just closed the gap to 4-3 and had momentum. B’s were reeling a bit. What does Barker do? Take one of the worst, most needless penalties we’ve seen in a long time. Have a beer on us buddy and enjoy your inevitable bus ride back to the AHL.

– People complaining about the Bruins recent wins. First they complain because the Bruins look awful. Then the Bruins win four in a row and the same people complain because the teams they beat aren’t the NHL elite. Shut your stupid mouths. A win is a win. The Bruins are doing what good teams are supposed to do… CRUSHING everyone beneath them. Go back to Fenway and wait for their pitchers to sober up or something you dumb idiots.

– Ryan Smyth sucks. We don’t care that he scored two goals. He’s an overrated douche. He is often referred to as Captain Canada but is most well known for crying like a little boy who dropped his ice cream. So what you’re telling us Canada is that you want a giant whiny pansy to represent you as your “Captain”? No wonder you’re considered Americas hat.

– We don’t like anyone who is going to point out that most of the Bruins are from Canada. If you don’t get by now that we say things just to get a rise out of our more sensitive readers then quite frankly we don’t know what you’re doing here.

– Anyone who is not enjoying or Legion of Doom/Bruins of Doom photoshops. Old school wrestling was awesome dammit.

– Lucic took a page out of the Montreal Canadiens handbook. Very obvious dive last night. We don’t approve of that at all, even if he is playing for the Bruins and is on fire. Awful Looch, just awful. Don’t do that again.

– Devan Dubnyk… how are you an NHL goalie? Don’t get us wrong, we’re glad you’re awful because it helped the B’s but Caron’s shot could not possibly have gone any slower and you STILL let it in.

– Will the Bruins Angel of Death come calling for Tyler Ennis again Saturday?

– Who will the Bruins of Doom destroy next?!

Tune in Saturday everyone. Same Warrior time. Same Warrior channel.

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