And so it begins…

pumpkin beer
It’s Septemeber. It’s currently 47 degrees in Boston. And Tyler Seguin just tweeted the following.

It’s hockey season, bitches. 

There are two open practices this week.

Saturday, September 17 | TD Garden
Practice Times: 10:00 AM and 12:30 PM
Door Open at 9:30 AM

Sunday, September 18 | TD Garden
Practice Times: 10:00 AM and 12:30 PM
Door Open at 9:30 AM have the groupings.

In other news Globe “ace” reporter, Old Man KPD has experienced new things this summer like the Internet and twitter. He might’ve even smiled for the first time in his life, but we won’t put money on that. Now OMKPD, along with his battle against the evil bloggers in their mom’s basements, is taking on the hoddie army.

Film at 6, 11? No one fucking uses film anymore. It’s 2011, grandpa. Also, we’re not paying for your online Boston Globe. Suck it. have video of the newest ice girls.

Stoked to see Holly still in the fray. Apparently she’s the token redhead. Maybe one day they’ll add another redhead.

Maybe one of these days Team DOY can be “celebrity” judges. Who do we need to sleep with to make that happen?

There’s gotta be few things less awkward for these girls in the try-outs than faking excitement while throwing shirts to the five people in the Garden staring at them. Must be how it feels for the Florida Panthers ice girls year round.

God it feels good for hockey to be back.

Go Bruins! 


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