AUDIO: Bergeron: ‘I’m on a drug and it’s called Charlie Sheen’

Patrice Bergeron Charlie Sheen impersonation
In case you missed it this afternoon, Patrice Bergeron was on Gresh & Zoe. Among a variety of hockey related question — like the Bruins six road game sweep — they asked him if he’s been following the whole Charlie Sheen saga.

What resulted might be one of the funniest and best Bruins audio clips this season — Bergeron impersonating Charlie Sheen.

For Download/Stream:
Long version — Q/A
Short version — just the impersonation

Fucking brilliant.

Feel free to download the files for your phones and such.

We had to record the clip on our iPhone, email it to ourselves, convert it to an MP3 and then edit it down, so sorry if the quality isn’t crystal clear. It was a process. But we do it for you because we love you all. And ’cause we’re nuts. 


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