Before there was Darth Quaider was there Darth Timmy?

We all know about Darth Quaider, but how many people know the story of Darth Timmy?

Apparently Timmy’s mask was first designed for a Darth Vader helmet. 

From the story

“When I made that the first time it was for a Darth Vader costume,” Calabro told InGoal. “I was going to a show and I wanted it square so I was going to put an accordion where the mouth area is and Tony (Priolo) from Sportmask saw that and asked can we change this, this, and this. And I said ‘why would you want to do that?’ and he said ‘I’m going to get Tim Thomas to wear it, he likes it like that.’ I thought that was weird, but next thing I know the guy has it on.” 

That would explain how he makes saves like this.

And these.


Check out the rest of the InGoalMag article for more good stuff, including Alex Auld gushing over Timmy’s eyes.


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