Blackhawks Down. BRUINS WIN.

It wasn’t pretty but the Bruins broke their mini losing streak and took down the Blackhawks 3-2 in the shootout on the back of The Seguin.

Remember last year when some cowardly Blackhawk (rumored to be Kane) chirper Thornton as his left the ice with an injury and that big, talentless idiot John Scott said he was going to kick Thornton’s ass this year? Where were you last night Scott? Other than being glued to the bench because you suck. You didn’t kick anyone’s ass. Have fun eventually wasting away in the AHL you fool.

The B’s needed this win and hopefully it is a confidence builder. The Blackhawks are dangerous and even though they needed the shootout the B’s got it done. Thomas was awesome, Horton finally scored and Seguin continued to be awesome.

Also, big congrats to Claude Julien for getting his 300th win!

After the jump…. suck it Chicago……


Period ends 1-0 Chicago.

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Period ends 2-1 Blackhawks.

We usually love Jack Edwards but apparently his announcing is suffering from a Stanley Cup hangover. He said Seguin needs to raise his game to Horton and Lucic levels. Really Jack? Seguin and Marchand have been the Bruins best forwards. No one knows where the hell Lucic is and Horton still isn’t back to himself.

Get your shit together Jack.


Period ends 2-2.


BRUINS WIN. Suck it Blackhawks Down Low.

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