Boston Bruins living large in Peverly Hills. Bruins Win.

Sorry this recap is so late. Jon was due to write the recap but apparently the Garden attempted to assasinate him last night.

Official report is that Jon has an upper body injury and is listed DTD. DOY will not bring up anyone from the system to replace Jon.

Ok, on to the recap.

Tampon Bay Lightning
Great bounce back after a lackluster opening night. We kinda all knew the Bs would drop a deuce on Banner Night — too much excitement and emotion before the game. They were spent before the puck even dropped.

But last night the Bruins looked fantastic.

Best comment of the night belongs to Jack Edwards, of course.

Gumbi move Adam McQuaidNo fucking clue what goes through his mind sometimes.

Recap after the jump…

Lightning didn’t really show up for most of the first period. They pretty much rode on the back of Mathieu Garon which is about as dumb as riding in a Ford Pinto.

Bruins put up 15 shots on net during the first. No goals but the team looked a lot more energetic, focused and motivated.

Chris Benoit Pouliet also looked pretty decent in his first regular season game in Boston. A lot better than we expected anyways.

Of course, Timmy wasn’t to be outdone.

Anyone else just get deja vu with that save?

We imagine those two had a little pow-wow between periods to talk.

No score after the first.

 Bruins continue their shooting gallery at Garon. They tossed another 15 shots at him.

Peverly broke the scoring out for Boston, notching his first goal of the year. Sweet goal after Marchand’s shot bounced off both posts.

Lightning tie, though, after some crappy neutral zone stick handling. Thomas had no chance on this St. Louis lazer.

Holy cow.

Everytime we see St. Louis play we can’t help but picture this.

Bruins take the lead back after Paille tips home an Adam McQuaid shot.

2-1 Bruins at the end of the second.

More Thomas awesomeness.

It really is reduntant to say Thomas and awesome in the same sentence. We’ll keep doing it anyways.

Krejci gets the first line on the scoresheet officially this season. Lucic throws a shot off goal, Garon bats it away like it’s a hot potato and not a puck. Krecj is there drooling, shoots and scores. Beautiful.

Peverly showing some more scoring skill. It really is amazing what players can do once they’re off a shitty roster like Atlanta.

Haggs is calling the Patrice, Brad and Rich combo the PBR line. What a horrible beer for that line to be named after.

Fuckin’ hipsters.

Hipster chara Bruins

Seguin has three assists so far this year. He also led the team (tied w/Chara and Pevs) with five shots last night. Marchand also has three points this season. The young guns getting it done.

Game, suckas.


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