Bow down to the kings. BRUINS WIN.

This game was crazy. Right from the drop of the puck both teams were in each other’s mouths. Thomas and Fleury slugged it out in net before the Bruins broke things open. Crosby and Bergeron gave the opposition plenty of love taps away from the play. Bodies were battered. Tons of scoring chances at both ends.

There was a ton of hype going into this game and for once it wasn’t beacuse of Matt Cooke or Marc Savard. The Bruins and Penguins were the top two teams in the Eastern Conference going into Monday night. This was one of those “measuring stick” games you hear so much about for both teams. The Bruins hadn’t lost in regulation since October. Crosby was back and the Penguins were on fire NBA Jame style themselves.

This was like a playoff game. The intensity was nuts. It was exactly what you’d expect from two teams who lead their conference and want to make a point to the other. If both teams stay healthy this could realistically be an Eastern Conference Finals preview.

What a statement by the Bruins. We get it Pens fans. The Penguins were missing two of their best defenders. B’s also hit about a billion posts and the Penguins could barely get anything going in the B’s zone. They will have nightmares about Tim Thomas and Dennis Seidenberg for weeks. Chara was on Malkin more than Ryan Miller is on the losing end of a big game.

You cannot under estimate how much confidence factors into a team’s mentality and right now the Bruins must confident they can beat ANYONE.

They are machines. The Terminator movie was inspired by the Bruins. Machines just taking over the world.

After the jump….. Peverley rules, Tim Thomas is a god and the Bruins get all up in your face…..

- Fleury and Thomas took a lot of contact and didn’t bitch about it like Miller. Vitale ran into Thomas and Timmy tried to punch him in the face before Campbell stepped in. Fleury got roughed up a little around the Penguins net. Miraculously Thomas and Fleury failed to act like they were shot even once.

- Chris mother fucking Chris Kelly. Ballin’ like no other. We’ve said it before… prior to the trade that brought him to Boston we had no idea who this guy was. Now we’re ready to kick Chiarelli in the dick if Kelly isn’t resigned. Guy is clutch. CLUTCH.

- Rich Peverley and Chris Kelly were nuts on the PK. NUTS. The entire B’s PK was out of control. How key was it for the Bruins to demoralize the Pens and shut them down on multiple 5 on 3′s?!

- TIM-MY THOM-AS! What a beast. Absolute beast. Tim Thomas is the Detroit Red Wings of goalies. No, he isn’t sponsored by some pyramid scam company but every season experts and opposing fans say Thomas is done because he’s old. Tell that to the Penguins. Timmy had 45 saves and is riding a personal ten game winning streak. Suck it everyone. Suck it.

- Even Rich Peverley was stunned as how god like Tim Thomas is.

- The Bruins have had a Miller load of trouble with speedy teams the past few years but guys like Seguin and Peverley have been great assets in games like this. You want to fight the Bruins? They’ll beat you down. You want to play a defensive game with the Bruins? They’ll school you. You want to try to get speedy with these Bruins? Speedy Gonzalez got nothing on these Bruins!

- Thought Boychuk had an under rated game. Couple of good hits and some nice defensive stops.

- ”Gregory Campbell! What a clam digger!” Thanks Jack. What an effort by Campbell. Huge goal.

- Pouliot had by far his best game as a Bruin. Probably doesn’t hurt when you’re playing with Kelly and Pevs but we’ll give him credit… he was all over the place. If he keeps this up we might not hate him by the end of the season!

- Tonight, as Jack so eloquently put it, was the Tim Thomas show. What a performance. Picking our favorite Thomas save is like picking our favorite Miller failure. It just can’t be done.

- Bruins PK is freaking unreal. UNREAL. Two HUGE 5 on 3 kills. Who’s gonna beat these Bruins?! WHO!?

- Seguin had the best game he has had in awhile. The kid looks like he’s trying to get used to teams focusing on him now but what a freaking shot on that powerplay goal and an even better play by Bergeron to get the puck to Seguin. 

“Did Jack Edwards just say ‘Getting Bergy With It’?” ~ Jon’s fiancee

No, but that is an awesome idea! 

Bergy and DJ Jazzy Segs!

- What a fight by Campbell and Vitale. Bruins doing what you’re supposed to do when someone fucks with your goalie. Take some notes Buffalo.

- Tim Thomas might never lose again. Remember when every media person and fan outside of Boston said Thomas would never even come close to the numbers he put up last year?

- Crosby and Krejci chirping each other. Seriously guys. If you two fought it would be awful. We’re not entirely sure either one of you even know how to make a fist. 

- Marchand….. we love you. Really we do. But we don’t approve of slewfoots at all man. Just… no. We don’t like it when it happens to the B’s and we don’t like when the B’s dish it out. Shit like that is unnecessary. Poor form buddy.

- The fact that neither Marchand nor Niskanen took their helmets off. Yous guys is fools. Still, pretty good fight. Can’t deny that Marchand deserved that pounding a little bit.

- Not even surprised Cooke scored. Not one bit. At least Greg dropped him from his fantasy team and didn’t get any points out of it.

- With re-alignment these teams might only play each other twice a year from now on. That would suck.

- The only insult people have for Thomas is that he is a “fat fuck.” Some idiot Pens fans was trolling Thomas last night and this was the only ammo he had. Yeah, a “fat fuck” that makes EVERY team in the league his bitch then tea bags them while he shines up his two Vezinas, his Conn Smythe and his Stanley Cup. We’ll take this “fat fuck” over ANY other goalie in the league, no contest. Vezina count: Thomas 2, Fleury 0. Thanks for playing kid.

- That this game ended.

- Will the Bruins ever slow down?

- Will Seguin get used to other players best lines trying to shut him down?

- Has anyone seen Horton? Must be another one of those stretches.

- How awesome would a seven game series between these two teams be?

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