Bruins are humaangous big. BRUINS WIN!

Hey Bryzgalov. What was your GAA against the Bruins like yesterday?

Are you worried, Bryz?

Way to keep your spirits up, dude.

More recap after the jump…

This game was pretty much over two minutes into this game. Started off 27 seconds into the first when Benoit Pouliot makes what’s either a ridiculous redirect or fucked up trying to handle the puck. Eiether way, the puck found it’s way past Iyla “Carl Sagan” Bryzgalov.

1-0 Bruins

Jody Shelly must’ve been been doing shots of that Tiger shit Bryz was talking about on 24/7 or is just a huge dumbass. He picks a fight with Chara. No idea what was going on in Shelly’s mind other than “What did I just do!?!?”

Shortly thereafter, moar goals.

Bruins start shooting anything and everything at Bryz. Couple of save. Puck bounces to Seidenberg who throws it on net. Save. Rebound. Paille there to put it home. Goals.

How to tell the difference between a rookie and a vet. Paille’s like “No Big Deal.” Hamill just creamed himself.

2-0 Bruins.

Chara was an absolute beast. You can tell he hated sitting out two games. Guy gets a goal, an assist and a fight. Gordy Howeing it like it’s his job. Here’s his blast in the first period. PP goal. 

Not even sure Bryz saw that shot. He was too busy looking at the stars.

3-0 Bruins.

So the Flyers pull Bryz here right and try to keep the game “reasonable” right? Nope. Moar Bryz. Moar goals.

The first line got it going yesterday. With a 2 man advantage, Corvo shoots a bomb. Looch is sitting where he should be and tips it home.

4-0 Bruins.

Flyers looking to fight some more. Johnny Boychuk and Scott Hartnell get into it toward the end of the first period. Boychuk isn’t much of a fighter but he came in the defense of Honey Badger who got steamrolled by Hartnell. Hartnell gets in a couple of early punches and then holds on for dear life. Boychuk somehow still is able to rip Hartnell’s jersey into a 100 pieces.

Period finally ends. Flyers fans go buy a ton of beer to make this game seems less painful. Bruins fans go buy a ton of beer to celebrate. No way in hell we’ll see Bryz in the second period…

…or not. Somehow Bryzgalov is still in net. No idea. Maybe he threw around some astrology bullshit between periods, convinced his coach to keep him in. Either way… thanks!

A little before half-way through the second the Bruins go on another power play. Bruins pass the puck all around the boards. Pevs dishes it to Chara. Chara delivers a “Ray Bourque special.” Horton’s sitting there reading a book and eating pizza when he the rebound comes to him. Easy goal for Horts. He probably thanks Bryz as he skated from the net.

5-0 Bruins.

And good-bye Bryz. Thanks for the laughs. 

Also in the second, Lucic hits Rinaldo into the boards. He gets tossed for boarding. Worthy of a penalty but the ejection seemed a bit much. Don’t expect Looch to get a call, let alone a suspension for this hit. Such a horrible hit that Rinaldo was able to fight Horton in the same scrum. 

Looch after the game:

“I felt like I made every effort to take him out laterally,” Lucic said. “I looked at the video and slow-mo’ed it and looked at the point of contact. There was no numbers. It was all shoulders. You could see his body rotating because I took him from the right side.”

Tim Thomas was also lights out for Boston. Here’s a big save against Scott Hartnell.

It’s ok, Hartnell. At least you didn’t fall this time.

Bobvrosky couldn’t complete stop the hole in the dam, though. Seguin, who’s been in a bit of a scoring slump since his hot November, added a goal for Boston. Seguin looks like he can’t decide between trying to dangle his way through the Flyer defenders or dish it off to a teammate. So he decides neither and wrists it from above the face off cirlce area and right past Bobby.

6-0 Boston.

Later on Marchand would get tossed for not giving a shit.

Can’t wait for the next episode of 24/7.


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