Recap: Bruins clinch Northeast Division Title, Win 3-2

What a weird ass game. Bruins were fighting the puck all game. Rask, defensemen, forwards. Everyone. Ryder, Paille and Recchi were your Bruins goal scorers. They didn’t look sharp for more than a minute or two at a time. Luckily they were facing Atlanta and didn’t need to be super sharp.

Bruins just need one point to clinch the NE Division. They got two. Bruins are undefeated in April.

Surprised that Atlanta didn’t show more heart when a loss knocked them out of the playoffs. Lame.

Huge exaggeration by the Associated Press. You’d think Ryder took the team on his back this season by this headline.

After the jump… we recap this bitch.

– Marchand wins Seventh Player Award. Saw that coming. Campbell also very much worthy of the award this year.

–  Quick goal for Boston by Recchi. Up 1-0.

– Not much shooting in the early part of this game.

– Dumb penaly by Rask. Short handed. Give props to ATL for pressuring Tuukka. The trapezoid is a joke.

– Ugh. Thrashers tie it off a Buffl32ojdesfn goal. Actually… Tuukka did that to himself. 1-1.

– Wheeler gets booed (with some cheers). Boston hates under-performers. Even ask Wideman. 

…or maybe they just want to make him feel at home.

Lets relive some of Wheeler’s magical moments with Boston:
Wheeler promotion
Wheeler balls
Wheeler offsides

Wheeler money
– Hellen Keller is officiating tonight. Phantom tripping call against Ryder. Bs down a man again. 

– Good kill by Boston. Zero shots by ATL.  

– Burmistrov is a little bitch. First he dives after Marchand hits him and then a late shot on Tuukka. Unsportsmanlike is the official call; being a whiny little asshair is the real one. PP for Boston. 

– Love seeing Seguin getting some solid PP time now; he can be a killer on PP for Boston. Sadly, his pass skips over Bergy’s stick, ending the PP.

– Shots favor Boston 6-4; one in the last nine minutes. NESN is making tons of coffee jokes.

– *Drools* Tammy Horton….


– Bruins looking uglier than our exes

– Just came in from walking the dog real fast and Boston “Legend and Hero Evander Kane” scores. 2-1 Atlanta.

– For the record, we don’t hold Kane so high on a pedestal. 

– Tammy Horton > Bruins play today

–  Tuukka fighting every shot at him today.

– The Sherriff gets a delay of penalty called against him. That’s two for Boston today. Bruins down a man again.

–  Buffy the Vampire Slayer loses the puck, Daniel Paille steals it and scores a shorty. Wow. This game makes no sense anymore. Tied 2-2.

– Pretty sure Boston has more shorties than PP goals this year. 11 shorties, according Oracle Jack Edwards. Marchand has five of them. 

– Bruins finally moving their feet. 

– Brickley’s middle name is Tobias. Awesome.

– Ference misses an open ice hit on Stewart.

– Bruins starting to look stronger as this period goes on. 

– Nice save by Tuukka. Maybe he’s done battling the puck???? 

– Jack calls Buffy the “X factor of Atlanta’s attack.” Funny, we thought he was their only factor in their attack.

– Wheeler has yet to go offsides.  Bwah!?

– Stuart laysout Kaberle. Goddamn, man.

We swear Kabs is in there somewhere.

– Period ends. 2-2.

– Boulton is dicking Seguin before the face off. Seguin doesn’t look pleased.

– Marchand with a nice open ice hit by Atlanta’s blueline. Can’t control the puck though and Atlanta moves forward.

– Hnidy nearly scores after his shot bounces around. That would’ve been a sweet return.

– Kelly almost tips in a Hnidy shot home. No dice.

– Krejci offsides. Points to Wheeler. 

… just kidding about pointing to Wheeler.

– Buffy flips the puck up off the jumbotron…… 

– Ryder actually showing effort tonight.

– Just as we wrote that Paille and Ryder go on a breakaway and Ryder is tripped. PENALTY SHOT!!!!

*fingers crossed*

–  GOAL! Bruins 3-2.

We wish Ryder would do that shit in shootouts. 

– Kelly wiffs on a one-timer from Ryder.

– With two minutes left Atlanta remembers that if they lose they’re mathematically out of the playoffs.

– TO Atlanta. 

– ATL pulls goalie. 

– Recchi open net shot is blocked. ATL still alive. Minute left.

– “All that stands between Atlanta and summer time is 30 seconds.” — Jack

– Boychuk has been a beast today. Nothing major from him, but he just looks good. The day off for rest seemed to have worked wonders.

– Bruins win! They are your 2010-2011 Northeast Division Champs. Bust out the cheap champagne and crappy hats.

Or not. Glad the guys are focused on playoffs. 


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