Bruins drop another SO to Leafs

Not sure what to say about this game. Bruins could’ve clinched the division with a win but instead decided to keep the Leafs playoff hopes a live a little bit longer. Maybe that was the plan. Who knows.

Lots of sensitive people are making a big deal over the whole Marchand golf swing incident. Get a life. Players are swearing and dropping mom jokes after every whistle, but a golf swing to the bench has everyone shitting themselves. 

Also, we were a bit shocked that Tuukka didn’t start last night. With playoffs already settled, you’d think Julien would want to get a little bit more rest for Thomas and get some reps in for Rask.

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– Rene’s golden pipes belting out Oh Canada almost makes us like our neighbors to the north. Then we remember Montreal is in Canada. F you Canada.

– Kessel just went near a corner. Must”ve been free tubes of Proactive over there.

– Days of Y’Orr “sources” have told us Damian Cox is in the building tonight. Purrgeron is en route.

– This game just doesn’t feel right without Thornton and Boychuk.

– That idiot Rosehill goes head hunting and completely misses his check. That guy is almost as much of a joke as John Scott.

– Tough guy Komisarek pushes Marchand down. Classic Komisarek…only start shit with guys smaller than you. Why don’t you go talk to Lucic?

– Kaberle bomb almost fools whoever is in net for Toronto. We don’t care. They’ll probably trade him to the Bruins for McDonald’s coupons this offseason.

– Seguin has superior passing ability. Just saying.

–  BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Fluke goal. Timmy mishandles the puck and it bounces it. He is not going to be happy about that. Don’t even care who scored. It was gift wrapped. Enjoy watching the playoffs from home Toronto. 1-0 Leafs.

– B’s don’t like the puck all of a sudden. It must have cooties.

– Ryder with a sweet ass steal but no room to move and Reimer makes the easy save. Booooooooo.

– Campbell, Paille, Ryder line playing like beasts so far in honor of Shawn Thornton.

– Kessel just played some defense. Stunning. His mom must’ve told him he could stay up to watch Conan if he made a good defensive play.

– Seguin goes to the box for hooking and is immediately benched for the 2011-12 season. Penalty kill time.

– Kampfer decided hooking looked like fun and takes a penalty. Not a good way to get more playing time kid.

– Kessel keeps getting booed by the crowd and tears are running down that mountain range he calls a face. 

– Ference goes after Kessel after a whistle because Kessel tried to chop his leg off and Kessel gets saved by the refs and goes to the box for being a pussy. Ference goes to the box for trying to hit a child.

–  Kessel gets two penalties for being a pussy and B’s on the powerplay!

– Terrible, terrible passing tonight. PP going nowhere.

– Toronto takes another penalty because they suck and B’s are right back on the PP. Please do better this time.

– Nope.

– Seguin with a fantastic feed cross crease to Kaberle but he shoots wide. Poop. Period over. 1-0 Leafs.


–  Damien Cox sucks. Just throwing that out there.

Image from PPP.

– Chara to the box for holding. He just wanted to cuddle. Geez.

– CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD MARCHAND!!!! What a mother fucking effort. Sweet baby jesus. Marchand just schooooooooooooled everyone on Toronto. 1-1 Bruins because Marchand is in your mouth. Marchand is a shorthanded  master.

– Apparently the Bruins are 16-1-1 when Marchand scores. Thanks, Jumbotron.

– OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO before we’re even done tea bagging Damien Cox the Bruins are messing shit up again! Horton to Lucic to Krejci to the back of the f’ing net! SCORE! 2-1 Bruins. Suck it, Toronto.

– Bruins just hit pipe! Thank Bobby Orr they woke up and realized how much better they are than Toronto. B’s coming in waves now.

– Seguin with a wicked redirect but just missed. Kid’s got hands.

– Campbell in the box for being the best throwin part of a trade of all time.

– That didn’t take long. Booooooooooooooooooo. Lupul scores like Damien Cox scores with a donkey. 2-2.

– But wait….. play is under review……but it was good. Oh well. 2-2 still. B’s will respond.

– REIMER SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS. Captain Planet  Ference just tossed a shot on net and it goes in. Ference should’ve looked at Kessel and done a DX crotch chop.

SCORE! 3-2 B’s. Thanks Ference!

– Rosehill trying to start a fight with Ryder. What a giant pussy. You suck, Rosehill.

– B’s on powerplay. Time to put this one away. Coooooooooooooooome on.

– Lucic and Komisarek exchanges pleasantries and the refs save Komisarek’s life.

– B’s getting shit tons of good chances on this PP but just can’t get it in. Seguin looks good on the powerplay. Keep him there. 

– LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH! Looch had enough of Rosehill and starting chucking fists. Long spirted fight and then Rosehill hugs him. Rosehill sucks. Hey Brian Burke, you know why your team fucking sucks? ‘Cause you give AHLers regular shifts.

–  Chara just sent Joey Crabb packing. What a beast.

– Phaneuf goes to the box for being terrible and not being able to beat up Sean Avery. PP time bitches. PP no look so good though. Oh well. B’s will get ’em later.

– Stan Jonathan in the house tonight. Maybe he should kick Rosehill’s ass too!

– Rosehill was the load his mother should’ve swallowed. Just saying.

– Ference in the box for hooking, Jay Rosehill’s mother’s favorite profession.

– Eight different Leafs try to fight McQuaid. Guess they all want to die. Period ends as Toronto goes to change their tampons. 3-2 Bruins. 


– Hope McQuaid beats bitches this period. McQuaid is a beast.

– Ference just road Jay Rosehill’s mom his horse to steal the puck from Reimer. Nice wheels there Ference.

– Schenn just held Seguin like Rosehill holds Damien Cox nutsack but no call.

– Kaberle just patted Thomas on the head after a save and said “That’ll do pig. That’ll do.”

–  Thomas is awesome. Just wanted to say that again. Thomas is awesome. If you don’t like Thomas, we’re going to lock you in a room and have Ben Stein read every article Damien Cox has ever written.

– Man…. D gets a bit lazy, doesn’t challenge Lupul and he scores again. Thomas pissed he got scored on. Maybe he’ll hip check every pansy Leafs player. 3-3.

– B’s need to get their swagger back. Took their foot of the pedal a bit.

– Komisarek shoves Seguin so he can feel like a big man. How does he sleep at night. 

– Campbell with some niiiiiiiiiice moves but can’t bury it. He’s still awesome.

– Seguin and Peverley almost hook up like Damien Cox at a preschool party but just miss. Seguin is gonna be goooooooooood.

– Ha Kessel was going for a puck and saw Bergeron charging and backed off. Way to be tough, Phil.

– B’s just left some Leafs dude allllllll alone near Thomas. Luckily  he missed the net wide.

– Bergeron just whiffed on a shot but then McQuaid came out of nowhere with a bomb. Reimer is gonna feel that one tomorrow.

– Seguin playing his balls off. Something Kessel will never feel. Because he’s lazy. 

– Oh boy. McQuaid with a terribly weak pass but Thomas bails him out big time. 

– Going to OT. Charity point!


–  B’s should’ve had this game already. Oh well. Shit happens.

– Reimer loses the puck in the bright lights of Boston but Leafs find it first.

– Phaneuf attacks Horton. Horton punches Phaneuf. Phaneuf turns and cries to the refs. Wow you suck Toronto, ha.

– F. Penalty shot against Thomas. Saving Kampfer with a hook. Thought penalty shots only happened if the penalty prevented a shot from happening? Game on the line….

– HUGE save by Tim “Mother Fucking” Thomas. Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat it Toronto! TIMMY TIMMY TIMMY!

– Crowd chanting USA as American hero Zdeno Chara takes the ice. 

– B’s getting some good chances but not good enough just yet. Don’t worry they got this.

– Joffrey Poopul in the box for the rest of overtime. B’s powerplay with a minute left. Coooooooooooome on.

– B’s set up but too many blocked shots. 30 seconds left…. Leafs blocking everything. Shootout time. Nuts.

– Boston should just give TOR the extra point and let everyone go home now. Bruins are horrible in the SO.

– Bruins sending out Seguin, Ryder and Peverly. Only one of those guys should be out there as a first three shooter.

Julien: Chill the fuck out
– Fine we’ll believe you.

– You’re a liar, Julien. Bruins go 0-3 in shootout. Leafs go 1-3. Called that one. Bs are good in the SO as we are in the SO in NHL11.

– is in denial that the shootout ever happened. We don’t blame them.

Thrashers tomorrow.


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