Bruins Finally Show Up, Down Habs 4-2!

The one game at a time mantra means everything for the Bruins. They are just two losses from going golfing. They dug themselves a big hole with some uninspired, crappy play. They needed to come out huge in Game 3. And they did… well, for the first 40 minutes.

In the first period the Bruins came out and played Bruins hockey and the Canadiens had no answer for them. Left us wondering where the hell that fire was the first two games. Thomas let in two reaaaaaaaaaaal soft goals tonight but redeemed himself with some game/series saving saves in the third when the Bruins took their foot off the pedal and let Montreal dominate.

Was the win pretty? Hell no. They almost blew it. But a win is a win. Maybe now the Bruins get some confidence and go on a run. They’ll have to bring a full 60 minute effort if they want to come home tied for Game 5.

Forget about trying to be smug or cocky. Bruins are still down a game. Going down 3-1 in the series could spell doom. Thursday night can’t come soon enough.

After the jump…. Bruins finally show up, Habs put on another diving clinic and Montreal fans LOVE Chara….

– The Montreal PA announcer had to remind the crowd that the Habs have a bunch of Americans on their team before they sung the National Anthem. Even the PA announcer knows Montreal is full of douches.

– Game on. Do this shit Bruins.

– Good start. B’s going to the box for too many men on the ice.  Faaaaaaaaaaantastic.

– Couple scary moments already. B’s need to stop being so gosh darn uptight.

– HOLY BALLS! Montreal pulled a Bruins, left Krejci wide open in front of Price and Krejci buries a sweet pass! Bruins just doubled their series goal total. 1-0 Bruins! SCORE!

– White with a late hit. If they put the whistles away the whole game, that would be kind of sweet.

– Canadiens trying to be physical. B’s need to respond big time. Hit everything that moves.

– Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to another goal for the Bruins. They’re making things difficult for Price for like… the first time all series. Hopefully they keep it up.

– If you look closely at this photo, you may see the handiwork of our good pal Eric (@BosBruinsFan)

– B’s are EVERYWHERE. Price forced to make a few more good saves. Where has this play been the past two games?!

– Krejci to the box for hooking. Weak call. Oh well. Get a shorty Bruins!

– James Wizdouchecopter faking he’s injured. Typical Montreal. They’ll probably say he’s out 3-5 weeks but then he’ll be back next period. So that is where Subban gets it from.

– Bruins all over the front of the net as Marchand does his trouble making thing. Awesome.

–  Habs throwing the body around as B’s kill everyone who goes near Thomas. Seidenberg just flew through the air to make people get away from Thomas. Awesome.

– Bruins with a three on one but no dice as Kelly eats the Montreal net and Gomez pretends he’s tough for a second. Gomez to the box. Powerplay time.

– Short lived.  Bergeron going to the box. At least he ended the Bruins miserable powerplay.

– Chara being A LOT more physical tonight and the Montreal crowd is “loving” it. B’s kill short Habs power play and look sharp!

– SCORE! Bruins charging the net AGAIN and Horton banks it off price. 2-0 bitches! BRUINS!

– BIG SAVE BY THOMAS! (copyright Jack Edwards 2011)

– Habs taking obvious interference penalties left and right but no calls. Can’t say we’re surprised. Marchand got called for that shit in game 1.

– Poor pass by Krejci almost got Lucic killed. Bruins need to respond physically, but stay disciplined.

– Benoit Pouliot tries to cheap shot Boychuk and Ference isn’t having any of it.

– The much bigger Pouliot gets taken down by Ference. Gutless, gutless move to go for Boychuk’s head. You wonder why everyone hates your team Montreal? That is why. F you cheap bitches. Yeah yeah you’ll bring up Chara. That was a hockey play.

– Period over. Bruins up 2-0. Hope they can keep this up.  

– Bruins start on the powerplay. It goes pretty much how you would expect it to go.

– Buuuuuuuuuuuuut then Peverley decides he wants a fucking goal! “ISN’T THAT RICH?!” ~ Jack Edwards! Peverley makes it 3-0 right after the powerplay expires! SCORE! “Peverly Hills! That’s where I want to be!” T.R.H.

– Annnd B’s back on the powerplay when Habs take a Too Many Men penalty. Good time to pee.

– Whenever the Bruins go on the power play Purrgeron heads to the litter box. Habs kill penalty.

– Horton schooling bitches from his ass and Lucic gets sprung on a breakaway but Lucic fires right at Price.

– Boooooooooooooo. Habs head up the other and Thomas gets beaten five hole. Kind of a weak play/goal by the B’s. 3-1. Hopefully they just keep pressing.

– Habs energized by that goal. Really pressing. Bruins need to respond and quick to keep control of this game.

– Marchand being a beast along the boards and then Thomas makes a big save. They need a big hit or another goal to silence the crowd again.

–  Huge save by Thomas and Marchand clears the rebound then nails a dude behind the net as Darche pretends he’s hurt and then complains. Shut up you bitch.

– Pretty set up but Gill there with the poke check. Gill’s size masks how much he sucks.

– Boychuk with a niiiiiiiiiiiiice shot but good save by Price. Elbows can’t take out Boychuk.

– Chara schooling bitches with poke checks. Chara is better than Montreal.

– Habs do a lot of talking but know they’d get their asses kicked if they dropped the gloves.

– Recchi getting a holding penalty. Habs have gotten away with so much and they call that? Whatever. HUGE PK for the B’s.

– Habs with some serious pressure. If you’re not peeing your pants right now you’re not human.

– Sweeeeeeeeeet. B’s kill it. Period ends. Bruins heading into the third with a two goal lead. 3-1.

– Here we go. Third period. B’s gotta hold on.

– Canadiens all over the B’s to start. Bruins forced to make huge defensive plays. Not a good start at all.

– B’s get a 3 on 1 but James Wizwussy breaks it up. Canadiens get another great chance but Kaberle clears. Bruins going into a prevent defense but Montreal is too fast for that. Not good.

– Subban tried to nail Thornton but Thornton is too smart for that douche and Thomas makes a big save on Gionta down at the other end. Teams just exchanging chances at this point as Thomas is making huge saves.

– Wow. Another weak goal by Thomas. Plekance with a random bad angle shot and Thomas lets it go in. 3-2 Bruins. Vomit time.

– B’s on the PP after a slash on Ference. They NEED to convert this. Momentum swinging heavy in Montreal’s favor.

– Too bad powerplay is mud. Terrible. No idea what they’re doing. The Bruins from games 1 and 2 have shown up all of a sudden.

– TV timeout did little to help Bruins,. This game is all Montreal right now. Bruins have no idea what they are doing. Bruins getting steam rolled.

–  B’s finally get a bit of pressure but it is shortlived.

– Sweet jebus there is still ten minutes left. Not good. Get it together Bruins.

–  Bruins finally get some sustained pressure in Montreal’s end and slow their attack a bit. This sitting back shit doesn’t work.

– Thomas needs to stop with the juicy rebounds. We love you Thomas but this soft five hole stuff and almost gift wrapped goals has got to stop.

– Bruins just blew ANOTHER 3-1 on one. Not a good sign. Coooooooooome on guys hold on! Or score! Or both!

– Ooooooooooooo and Thornton almost gets the fourth goal. Sooooooooooo close.

–  Couple of huge saves by Thomas to save the game and then Hamrlik dives. “Montreal trying to nurse calls from the refs!” ~ Jack Edwards. Exactly Jack. Exactly. Cowards. Nothing but cowards. Disgrace to hockey.

– Holy shit. Thought the game was tied. Thomas just saved the f’ing game. Wow. Go Thomas. Redeeming himself right now.

–  Another HUGE save by Thomas. Now the Bruins need to help him and get it out of the zone.

– Down to the two minute mark. Shit is tense. Bruins season basically on the line here as Thomas continues to make big saves.

– Price to the bench… net is empty…. Bruins need this… less than a minute left…..

– Recchi…. to Kelly……. SCORE! Empty netter! Game sealed! Jebus. That was tense. Holy balls. Subban dove into the net. Fitting end to a Canadiens game. Ryder going to the box with seconds left.

– Huge win.

– Still a long road. No time to get cocky. See you Thursday Montreal.

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