Bruins Move On, Habs Dive Into Golf


Drink it in ladies and gentlemen, it always goes down smooth.  Canadiens are done, and we have not stopped fistpumping since!  What a game it was, it’s easy to say now, but I think a blowout might have been a little disappointing.  Two evenly matched teams, in Game 7 of the playoffs? How could it not go into over tiime!?! Fantastic series with an even more fantastic outcome.

Now we look ahead to a little retribution on a cetian team from Philly, but now we’re going to take a moment to enjoy this win!

After the jump…we break it all down


– Game startes with Thomas and Price trading glove saves.  Another goaltending duel in the works?? There can be only one!

– Loving the start to the game so far, good hitting, winning one on one battles

– JOHNNY BOYCHUK SCORES!!!!! Bergeron had a fantastic screen on the play, keep that up boys


– Bruins aren’t sitting back, getting good chances, finishing checks, even Lucic is getting in on the action, welcome to the playoffs buddy, glad you could show.

– And now Recchi scores!!!! 2-0 Bruins!!!!

– Ryder gets called for hooking…ok, if you say so refs.

– God damn it, Habs score on the PP…again, 2-1 Bruins about halfway through the period.

– Bruins aren’t letting the goal get them down, continuing to take the body.

– Ryder decides to got 1 on 5 and almost succeed, we continue to eat all of our words about him.

– Bruins are buzzing around the net, we like that, keep annoying Price!


– BULLSHIT!!!!!! Elbowing penalty against Thornoton, elbow didn’t even touch him

– Subban goes for the Oscar, grabs Campbell arm after a hit and dives as he pulls away, no call.  We can here the “Fuck you Subban” chants over the TV.  

– If they actually start calling diving penalties, can we make it the Montreal rule?

– Kostitsyn penalty for high sticking, Montreal PP is basically done, great job killing it.

– Nothing on the power play…no surprise there, but I dare say it looked good? Solid cycling. Period ends at the same time as the power play, Bruins up 2-1 and we’re looking forward to more of the same.



– Oh goody, another power play.  Eller cross-checks Chara, who went down a little too easy…giving Montreal a taste of their own medicine???

 – Daaaamn Moen almost got a shorty, poor puck play by Thomas/Boychuk.  What we don’t want to see is this:

– WHAT THE HELL?!?! Awful turn over by Recchi, Pleckanic scores on a breakaway, game is tied 2-2

– It can not be stated enough, this power play is fucking atrocious, it’s an abomination to anything good and pure


– Krejci had a WIDE open net, shoots it right over the net, starting to get frustrated

– STOP PASSING.  Marchand with plenty of room decides to pass it into traffic and ruined a scoring chance.

– Breakaway by Halpern, Thomas keeps us in it, thank you Timmy!!


– Refs definitely have put the whistles away…sadly, that benefits us.

– Boychuk with a HUGE hit on Halpen, RIGHT into the stanchion….too bad it’s boarding call.


– HAHA Subban plays the puck with a high stick, watch him cry!!

– Kelly and Peverly ALMOST get a solid rush into the zone.

– Not the strongest period by the Bruins, gave up two breakaways, almost more.  Our hearts can NOT take this, one more period (hopefully) to go.



– SO CLOSE Recchi with chance after chance on Price, but nothing to show for it

– Bruins keeping up the pressure,

– Another good chance, for Ryder, DAMN YOU PRICE!!

– Peverly trying to win a one on three.  He’s good, but he ain’t that good.  Thats ok buddy, we like the effort.

– Honestly can’t complain much about the Bruins play this period, but we need a goal, preferably two, or five.

– Halpern basically skates into Ference and needs to be helped off the ice…Ference is apparently a brick wall.


– Ryder with a great steal, the play ended up being offsides…but damn Ryder.

– Halpern is back already…that took about 6 minutes, wow, must’ve been really hurt


– Kelly with a breakaway now, but a save by Price!

– Huge pressure by Montreal after a Bruins timeout, Thomas, Mcquaid and Chara coming up big, especially Mcquaid with a huge shot block with Timmy out of position.

– CHRIS MOTHER FUCKING KELLY SCORES!!!! Another person who has be HUGE this series!! Bruins are up, time is winding down, maybe Julien will keep his job after all?


– Right before the goal, BLATENT dive by Hamerlik “One dive too many”- Edwards

– Almost got an insurance goal, good save by Price.


– Just about four minutes left, Bruins need solid defense.

– Just as I type that, Cammalleri steals the puck! He lost it though, thank god.  Seidenberg made a great effort to get there.

– NO! High-Sticking penalty by Bergeron, Wisniewski should be a salesman because it didn’t even hit him!!!


– PK SUBBAN YOU BITCH! Game is tied 3-3.

– Break neck pace now in the last minute of the period.

– What a game, now it’s going into overtime.

– Very nearly the end of the game in the first minute, last second save by Timmy..

– Canadiens playing better so far in the first could minutes, Bruins getting no good chances.

– Thomas has had three deflected saves in three minutes, not enjoying this play

– Here we go, finally we’re forcing Price to work, bit surprise it’s the second line!


What a fantastic evening, we’re too excited to even say anything clever, so we’ll let this GIF do the talking:

Flyers are coming up on Saturday…and trust us, we’ve been waiting for this matchup. 

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