Bruins trade for Joe Corvo, battle for best tattoo art begins

The Bruins said “it’s not you it’s… ok it’s you” to Tomas Kaberle. Kabs signed with the Carolina Hurriances for way too much money (3-year, $12.75 million). That’s a lot of money for a guy who did diddly in the playoffs. Imagine if he was productive?

As thanks the Hurriances sent the Bruins Joe Corvo for a fourth rounder. 

Corvo’s stats:

Numbers for last year aren’t bad but if anyone’s got a shot at being the Bruins unicorn it’s the green Steve Kampfer. Should be interesting to see how he does in Boston. 

Chiarelli: “I’ve been nibbling at this opportunity for a bit to acquire Joe.”

Pretty sure he also said that about Kaberle.

Tomas Kaberle to Boston -  Chiarelli loves KaberleWonder what number Corvo will wear since #7 and #77 are both retired. We’ll go with #13.

All in all this is another safe personnel move by Chiarelli. We didn’t expect huge changes and so far there’s been none.

The big question that now lingers — who’s tattoos are better? Corvo or Ference 3:16?


Props to @bruinshockeynow for mentioning Corvo’s tattoos


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