Bruins win? BRUINS WIN.

After the first 20 minutes last night we were complaining about yet another piss poor effort by the Bruins and were wondering why we even bothered to drive into TD Garden. If this team wasn’t going to try, why should we?

But as usual we stuck it out because we love the Bruins and we were finally rewarded. The Bruins twice came back from one goal deficits to beat the Senators and get a much needed win.

This win was by no means pretty. Plenty of wide open nets missed again. Defensive breakdowns for no reason. Blind drop passes to imaginary friends that ended up on the sticks of Ottawa players.

So far this season teams have used the Bruins togetherness and fiestyness against them, making the Bruins take a ridiculous amount of silly, needless penalties. Last night, for the most part, they were strong. For one game at least they got the message. DON’T FALL INTO THAT TRAP YOU FOOLS.

When the Bruins are on their game they look unstoppable. They look like machines. They look like champions. When they’re off their game… well, the record speaks for itself. That is what is so frustrating this season. The Bruins clearly have the talent to make a run at a repeat but for some reason they just don’t seem to want it every night or even most nights lately. Hopefully last night’s win provides a spark because they sure as hell need one.

After the jump…. We take credit for the Lucic revival, where the hell is Horton and Seguin rules….

– Seguin continues to be the Bruins best player so far this season. Our only complaint is that he needs to stop being so nice and just shoot more. It is becoming abundantly clear that the majority of his teammates cannot handle his magical passes.

– Shawn Thornton keeps throwing down when his team needs him the most. Too bad they keep failing to follow his lead. What a badass.

– Where the hell did Chris Kelly get that slap shot? Sweet baby jesus.

– Any game that Boychuk scores is a good game.

– Paille scored on a breakaway! No! Seriously! Look!!!!!

– You may recall us making a series of Milan Whocic jokes when someone wearing his jersey was on the ice but any effort or hussle was nowhere to be found from #17

Since then he has scored four goals and seven points in his last five games. You’re welcome Boston.

– Effort is still not there for 60 minutes. Or 50 minutes. Or even 40 minutes.


– Chris Neil is the load his dad should’ve evacuated into a pile of tissues.

– Anybody seem Nathan Horton?

– The biggest one is whether or not the B’s can use this as a spark. We thought after they got embarassed by Carolina they’d come out with a new attitude and they didn’t. Are the Bruins back? We’ll know in a few games.

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