Buffalo Still Sucks. Bruins Lose.

Pretty much sums up our feelings on the night. B’s struggling. 80 penalties through them off. Whatever.

After the jump…. refs are blind, Chara targeted and McQuaid ruins faces…….

– Kaleta’s not playing because he sucks more than a two dollar whore on half off Thursdays.

– Thornton tries to get Montador to fight but Montador is a coward as always. You suck Montador.

– Crowd chanting CHARA CHARA CHARA. Good times.

– Chara just hit a dude in the corner. SUSPENSION! SUSPENSION! 

Awesome pic by Eric Pratt (@BosBruinsFan)

– Horton dekes the shit out of shitty Buffalo defenders but misses barely. Ryan Miller blows.

– Slow start but not a bad start if that makes sense. Couple of good early chances for the  Bruins.

– And now Campbell is rumbling with McCormick. He doesn’t do very well, ha. But love the effort. Campbell rules.

– Lucic just nailed a dude then almost scored. Great play. Probably should’ve been a goal.

– Tyler Myers threw a hit. And he’s tall. SUSPENSION! SUSPENSION!

– Thornton going to the box for some reason. We were too busy making fun of Ryan Miller to see why. Probably to contain his awesomeness.

– Because Tyler Myers sucks he cancels the Buffalo powerplay literally five seconds in. Thanks buddy. 

– Chara still fiesty. Good to see this Pacioretty stuff didn’t change how he plays the game.

– THOMAS! Terrible turnover in the Bruins zone but Thomas is the man. What else is new.

– Buffalo sucks.

– Boychuk snuck in the crease and had a great chance but Miller made the save the Sabres cleared the rebound. Boooooooooo.

– Loooooooooooooooooooch to Horton cross crease and GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL. Suck it Ryan Miller. 1-0 Bruins.

– Lucic is a beast. Super beast. What a season.

– Bruins offense looks hungry tonight. Hopefully they keep it up.

– Krejci is in the zone lately. Guy is making plays left and right without breaking a sweat. 

– Bruins have entered the Defensive Breakdown portion of tonight’s contest. Pinned in their own zone. 

– THOMAS THOMAS THOMAS. Thomas for President. Of the world.

– Thomas got bored and just laid down for fun. Made 30 stops anyway.

– Some dude tries to start with Recchi and he starts hulking up but the refs save the dude.

– We’re saying dude a lot in this recap so far. We’ll try to stop.

– Buffalo sucks.


– Miller gives up so many rebounds. If a player is slumping he should stand around Ryan Miller and clean up all the trash.

– Two Sabres get tangled up and fall on top of each other. Hilarious. Buffalo sucks.

– Kelly and Recchi with a pretty set up but Miller makes a save. Hey, it happens.

– Period ends 1-0. Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuins.

– Good start. Kelly with a wrap around and Recchi tried to pump up the jam it home but Miller got it.

– Sometimes we just want to hug Tim Thomas. So awesome.

– Another super pretty set up but Peverley whiffed on the shot. It is okay buddy. You’ll get another goal soon.

– Thomas with a bad rebound but Campbell clears it up. Go Campbell Go.

– Gaustad acting like a weak punk like usual. Refuses to dance with McQuaid because McQuaid would destory his face.

– Bruins with a three on one but Sekera blocked the pass to Lucic. We can admit a good play when we see it.

– Sabres still suck.

– Another scramble in front of the Bruins net. A combo of Thomas being awesome and luck prevent the game from being tied. Then things get testy. Couple punches thrown. Chara is pissed tonight. He wants to fight someone. McQuaid and Grier go to the box for roughing.

– Pretty good four on four action. Though Kaberle should probably not throw hits. He just bounces off.

– Chara goes to the box because Montador fell into the boards. Weak call. First time in NHL history that anyone has received a boarding call from in front of the net. We should probably expect a lot of these calls to go against Chara from now on though. Penalty kill time.

– Thomas with a monster save and then Seidenberg goes to the box for cross checking. Couple of really weak calls. Oh well. Suck it up Bruins. Kill this shit.

– Tonight’s refs went to the Helen Keller school of officiating.

– Five on three. Bruins schooling t hese bitches on the PK right now. Chara is free. Five on four for 40 seconds.

– Thank you again Buffalo! Too many men on the ice penalty! You guys are sweethearts for canceling the Bruins penalties tonight!

– Sabres using Thomas for target practice. Jebus.

– Seidenberg gets free and it is powerplay time! Wait. Boooooooooo. Maybe the PP will do something.

– Powerplay over as Chara dekes around a couple of skaters…. pass to the crease…. Bruins jamming…. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!! SCORE! Mark F’ing Recchi. 2-0 Bruins.

– Shiiiiiiiiiiit. Buffalo answers. Thomas is down in the net and Ennis shoots over him… McQuaid tries to stop it but knocks it in. Shit happens. Oh well. 2-1 Bruins.

– Apparently both teams decided it was time to one up each other defensively. Back and forth shit everywhere.

– Boychuk going to the box. Another kill. The way Thomas is playing tonight this shouldn’t be a problem.

– Looks like Marchand is going to get a shorthanded breakaway but  he loses the puck. Awwwwwwwwwww nuts.

– McQuaid with a badass stop in the slot because he’s a badass kind of guy

– Penalty expires but now Kaberle is going to the box. Kind of getting ridiculous here.

– Some coward tries to start with Chara then when things get rough he skates away. Wow Sabres. You are such weaklings.

– Peverley with a HUGE block but B’s can’t clear. Thomas with a rare misplay and the puck is in the net. Dammit. 2-2 game now.

– HUGE mistake by Gaustad. Guy finally decides to fight and gets destroyed by Adam McQuaid. Exchanging fists with McQuaid is a terrible, terrible idea. Suck it Gaustad. How’d those fists taste.

– Sabres starting to get cheap and Horton is PISSED but the refs save the Sabres asses. Could be an ugly third.

– Oooooooooooooo boy. McCormick starts with Lucic, realizes who he’s fighting, and immediately turtles. Lucic pulls him back up, punches him, and McCormick turtles again.

– Period ends 2-2. Buffalo in trouble if they keep up this cheap stuff. B’s starting the third on the powerplay as Buffalo earns an extra roughing penalty.

– Recchi trying to carry the B’s but Miller makes the save. Still a minute left on the powerplay.

– Man. Getting really hard to stay positive about the Bruins power play. What a mess. Back to even strength.

– Buffalo sucks.

– Shawn Thornton putting on a clinic in puck protection. Puck to the point…. slap shot… rebound… SCORE! Campbell with the tap in. 3-2 Bruins because Thornton and Campbell are awesome.

– Goal seems to have energized the Bruins. Swarming around Miller.

– Buuuuuuuuut now Recchi is going to the box. Sabres 80th power play of the night.

– Wow. Another terribly weak call and Marchand is going to the box. Five on three. This is getting ridiculous. Refs playing this like they’re from Montreal.

– Thomas with a good stop on Vanek and the B’s clear. still a good minute of 5 on 3 time. Awful.

– Buffalo sucks.

– Annnnnnnnnd wow. Defensive miscue. Game tied. 5 on 3 goal by Buffalo. Don’t even care who scored it. 3-3.

– Chara just took down a guy in the corner. Probably should call the cops.

– Bergeron with a nice shot but Miller saved it. We’re calling the cops.

– A baby just won fan of the game again. Ridiculous. Baby  has no idea where it is.

– This game got boring real quick. Both teams kind of suck right now if we’re being honest.

– Bruins letting Vanek skate around freely. What is going on? Such a lifeless effort.

– Recchi gets the first shot on Miller in what feels like years. Bruins seem demoralized for some reason.

– Bad turnover almost results in another Vanek goal. Bruins waaaaaaaaaaaaay off their game. Seem better play than this during Three Minutes of Fame.

– Sabres are real tough…. when the refs are in the middle. What a bunch of jokes.

– Horton with a big hit on Butler. Horton fiesty tonight. And we’re heading to overtime.

– Don’t have a good feeling about this the way the B’s have been playing. Good thing Buffalo sucks so much or this game would’ve been over a long time go for the B’s.

– Bergeron tries to flip it in front to “Chad” Marchand but too many sticks in the way.

– Bruins playing it safe for the shootout apparently. Which is an awful strategy because they’re terrible in the shootout.

– Chara just deked through the entire Sabres team and then Peverley hit a post. Mother f’er.

– Recchi and Kelly hook up and almost score. Barely miss again. Sabres head down the other way. Shit. Rebound. Goal. 4-3 Sabres.

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