C-c-c-c-c-combo Breaker. BRUINS LOSE.

If we were a Montreal or Vancouver blog we’d be throwing on our tin foil hats and coming up with wacky conspiracy theories. 

If you watched the Bruins the past few years you know that you might as well not watch any of their matinee games because the Bruins don’t show up. They are like lazy stoner kids who think having to do anything before 5pm is just unfair.

So if we were Montreal or Vancouver fans we’d be talking about how this was an NHL conspiracy against the Bruins! Gary Bettman WANTED the Bruins win streak to end so they purposely had a matinee game!

Then someone would logically point out that the schedule was made long before the Bruins win streak and then we’d come up with some stupid, illogical comeback about how the NHL obviously favors the Red Wings. 

Wow, Montreal and Vancouver are STUPID. Good thing we’re not like them.

The Bruins actually played surprisingly well compared to recent matinee games. We were shocked. But in the end it wasn’t enough.

On the downside you have a lot of these elitist Wings fans talking about how this is a great example of how the Red Wings will run wild on the Eastern Conference if/when they move. Bullshit.

Look, this was a great game in which neither team really played their best. We are still confident the Bruins could take the Red Wings in a seven game series. The win streak had to end eventually and the encouraging thing about this team is that even when they don’t play their best they can still pull games out of their asses or at least come damn close.

Like we said, this was a great, great game. Lots of action, especially in the third. Boston had their chances to win. All good things come to an end. Plus Datsyuk is a frigging magician with the puck. Not even we can deny that. Sweet jebus.

After the jump…. a very lazy, holiday hangover recap…….

– In case you missed it, Red Wings bloggers The Production Line asked us to participate in a little Q & A exchange before the game. We each asked the other site five random questions and gave even more random answers. Here are their questions to us and our questions to them.

– Shawn “Wayne” Thornton. Look, if you’ve read this blog for more than a day you know we kiss a lot of Thornton ass but there is a reason. The Bruins weren’t playing bad but they weren’t playing great either. The B’s were down 2-1 and needed a spark. Then Thornton took over and he didn’t even use his fists. 

Thornton and his sidekick Campbell hit the ice and were ALL OVER the Wings.

Thornton literally almost scored three times on one shift. He was working in Thornton’s office and just kicking ass.

He may not have been on the ice for the game tying goal but his energy and enthusiasm was the direct result of the B’s second goal and that shift seemed to light a fire under the Bruins. Thank you again Thornton for all your work. We heart you man.

– Unrelated to this game but still hilarious.

– Patrice Mother F’ing Bergeron. Probably the most under rated player in the league. 

– Games like this. Sure the B’s lost but it was still fun to watch.

– Us. To be honest this recap isn’t our finest work. Between all the Buffalo hate and eating ourselves into food comas we didn’t bring our A-game today. Seriously, the game was over at 4pm on Friday and the recap is just going up now. We’re sorry. Plus, we don’t really have too many problems with the Red Wings. Sure, Drew Miller sucks donkey balls and Tomas Holmstrom is a walking piece of shit but quite honestly the hate just isn’t there…. yet.

– The hype:

Like we said it was a good game but NBC was trying to build it up like it was some great rivalry or some rematch from a great game. These teams meet once a year these days. 

– Pierre McGuire. Luckily we were at the game and didn’t have to listen to him but we saw him down near the benches and wished we had practiced our rock throwing skills from the balcony. 

– Idiots in the crowd who yell “Hey time keeper, how much time left?!” just before the annoucers says “one minute left in the period.” You’re not funny or original. You are annoying and we hope someone dips your genitals in acid.

– People who are STILL copying It’s Always Sunny and wearing full body spandex. This shit got old about 20 years ago. It isn’t funny anymore or even remotely entertaining. You look stupid and as soon as it is legal to punch people in the face we’re coming for you.

– Whoever gave Datsyuk his magic powers.

– Drew Miller. Why don’t you go run another goalie then bitch about Lucic doing it to your over rated choke artist of a brother?

– The Miller family for not using condoms.

– The guy in Section 306, Row 14 who from puck drop until the point he got kicked out in the third period relentlessly screamed for a fight. To paraphrase Step Brothers, “We remember our first beer.” Couple points here buddy. While fights are fun, there is A LOT more to the game than that. Second, if you bought tickets just to see a fight do a bit more research next time. The Red Wings rarely fight. It is not their game. Sure, Franzen tries to act tough sometimes but the dude is made of glass. Did you see the look of terror on his face when Thornton had a little chat with him?

– Datsyuk’s moves. :(

– How will the Bruins respond to their first loss in awhile? Will they get right back to their winning ways or tumble a bit now that they’re out of the winning rhythm?

– Ignoring the first question, how bad will the Bruins beat down the lowly Jets Saturday night?

– When will Winnipeg fans realize they got the Thrashers and are years away from the playoffs?

– Taking a page out of Habs and Canucks fans books… can the NHL rig it to the B’s make the Finals again and play the Red Wings? That would be an awesome series.

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