Crazy Go Nuts. Bruins Win a Gun Fight.

What a game. If you didn’t like this game, you don’t like hockey. Back and forth action. Each team dominating for stretches. Twelve totals goals. Fluke goals, pretty goals. Bruins scored five goals in the third.

Brad Marchand continues to be a beast. So does Bergeron. And Kampfer. Chara continues to respond to getting called out. Thomas was human… and the Bruins still won. Danny Briere continues to be a little bitch. Hartnell still sucks.

When this game started the Bruins looked flat. Took them a few minutes to get their legs. When they blew the lead in the third after scoring two goals in a minute and ten seconds, you wondered for a moment if they were blowing a big game again. But they kept fighting. They didn’t just sit back and take it and they were rewarded.

Philly fans are going to be pissed. Just before Marchand scored the puck was out of play but the refs thought it hit the glass and not the netting. To be honest I’m sure we’d be pissed if it went the other way. Oh well.

The only thing that is going to ruin this game is all the people talking about the Bruins “getting revenge” for last year. Let it go. Bruins are riding high right now. Comeback against Pittsburgh. Killing a terrible Ottawa team. Dealing with the ups and downs of this game and grabbing a victory. Seven goals by seven different players.

Wins against Pittsburgh and Philly are big for Boston. Pittsburgh awaits again on Saturday. Lets see if the Bruins keep this momentum going.

After the jump, more goals than you can shake a stick at…..



– Oh Rene. We love you. 

– Krejci with a nice steal and goes in alone on Boucher but he loses the puck. We blame the schools.

– Both teams put on a clinic for bad passing in the neutral zone before Krejci breaks up an odd man rush. 

– Thornton takes the ice for his first shift and rumbles with Jody Shelley off the faceoff. If you don’t know why, here ya go:

– This is why we love Thornton. He doesn’t always win his fights but he doesn’t care if you’re bigger, he’ll still go after you if you get out of line.

– Paille acting like a badass since his scuffle with Carkner. He just KILLED Meszaros with a check.

– In the Bruins end the puck hits Thomas and pops up into the air. No one knows where it is until it lands right on Hartnell’s stick. 1-0 Flyers. Goals always hurt more when Hartnell scores them.

– Lot of early mental mistakes by the Bruins. Bad passes, pucks going by at the offensive blueline. Hopefully this isn’t how its going to be all night.

– Wild scramble in front of Thomas after a Boston turnover but Thomas stays strong, because he’s cool like that.

– B’s get called for Mike Richard’s favorite penalty, Too Many Men. Rough penalty to take. Penalty Kill time.

– Bruins give up a breakaway to Giroux but Thomas bangs his mom. Big save. Giroux is the only Flyers player we like.

– Flyers with a great one timer but Thomas flashes the pad. He’s probably pissed about that first goal and showing people how awesome he is now.

– Seguin out of the box and the B’s sprint into the Flyers zone. Krejci one, two, three triple dekes but then loses the puck. Again. Man. He’s being too fancy.

– McQuaid just rode Nodl like Jeff Carter rode Hartnell’s wife. Scandalous!

– Bruins giving up way too many good opportunities tonight. Thomas can only do so much. Not a good first for the B’s so far.

– Paille tries to back a pass at the blueline… by taking the puck back offsides. Get your shit together B’s! Come on!

– Krejci with another beautiful opportunity off a Wheeler pass but Boucher doesn’t buy the dekes and makes a good stop. Mrs. Pierre McGuire takes a hooking penalty and the Bruins are on the powerplay.

– Power play is uglier than Lady GaGa until Chara gets a good shot on Boucher, but he makes the kick save. Boo. Powerplay over.

– Ference loses the puck at the blueline. We’d wonder if the ice is bad tonight but the Flyers don’t seem to be having any trouble.

– Seidenberg gets knocked down by Briere. Sad, sad day for Seidenberg.

– Hartnell going to the box for being being a pansy. And hooking.

– Ryder in front with a tip but looks like it hits post or part of Boucher. We’re not sure. Either way it didn’t go in. Bruins getting much better chances this powerplay though.

– Oh man. 5 on 3 time. This is big. Bruins need to score. Coburn goes off for hooking. Flyers love the movie Hook.

– Bruins had Boucher down in the net but couldn’t poke it in. Douchebag Mike Richards with a big goal line save as he lays down like Pierre is going to mount him.

– Savard with a good keep in. Chara eventually gets the puck. Slapshot so hard it went back in time. Huge goal. 1-1 Bruins.

– Bruins still  had some powerplay time but nothing going. Period ends 1-1. B’s definitely picked up their game towards the end.

– Berg in your mouth. Bergeron hanging out in front of the net and scores to give the Bruins a lead. Bergeron scored that goal quicker than Mike Richards pants come off at Pierre McGuire’s house.

– Crowd starts “Boooooooooucher chants”

– Horton tries to pick a corner but gets denied. Don’t worry lil buddy you’ll get another goal soon.

– Paille tries a wrap around but gets denied, unlike when Pierre McGuire tries a reach around on Mike Richards.

– Bruins coming out a lot stronger this period. Great set ups, great shots, battling along the boards. Thats what we like to see.

– Boychuk shows Jeff Carter the latest dance craze that is sweeping the nation, The Chuk, and sends Carter to the ice. He’s got more hits than MC Hammer.

– Horton on a breakaway right after but Boucher gloves it. Horton pressing though. Go get ’em goomba.

– Thomas makes goaltending look easy. 

– Puck hits the outside of the net, clearly, and some Flyers fans start celebrating. Wow you’re dumb.

– Paille with a shot on net and a self rebound but Boucher says no.

– Good back and forth action this period. Bruins came to play this period. Gooooooooooood.

– Tim Thomas just saved so hard your mother felt it. And loved it.

– Briere pushes Kampfer after a whistle. Marchand comes over and tells Briere how good his mom was in bed last night.

– Hartnell on a mini breakway but Thomas calls him a curly headed fuck and makes the save.

– Boucher makes a save on Bergeron at the other end. So it is a goalie duel you want, eh?!?!?

– Flyers hit post and then Savard and Horton have a good give and go at the other end but they overpass. Shoot Horton Shoot!

– Marchand and Bergeron try the Horton and Savard play with the same results. Oh well.

– Patrice Purrgeron just challenged that dancing guy with the train conductor hat to a dance off but got denied. Dancing guy knew he’d get schooled. Then security was reprimanded for letting a cat into the building. 

– Bad turnover by Chara gives Zherdev a breakaway and the red light goes on. 2-2. Dammit.

– Bergeron and Marchand almost get the goal back but juuuuuuust miss. This game is wild. So much action at both ends. Feels almost like playoff hockey.

– Know what band we hate? Fall Out Boy. Screw you Fall Out Boy.

– Campbell and Thornton with a few nice keep ins in the offensive zone but they don’t get much help. Still, they’re awesome.

– Puck bouncing around like its a basketball. Pretty funny trying to watch all the players get it to settle.

– Bruins lose a battle along the boards and the puck goes to Jeff Carter. He shoots all alone from the circle. Not good. Goal. 3-2 Flyers. Only 35 seconds left in the period. That is a deflating goal.

– Period over. Should be a good third.

– Sweet zombie jesus. Recchi with a dump in… Boucher goes behind the net to get it… but it bounces in front and Recchi is there. Goooooooooooooal city. 3-3. RECCHI RECCHI RECCI.

– Before you’re done harassing the Flyers fan that needlessly started a Crosby Sucks chant Ryder tips in a McQuaid shot. 4-3 Bruins. Holy balls. Getting crazy up in here.

– According to Mike Richards those two goals were the refs fault.

– Chara sends a slow pass/shot that goes to Boucher… who almost misses it. Wow. Talk about confidence busting.

– Flyers get a good chance but Boychuk hates rebounds and sends it out. Suck it rebounds.

– Bergeron loses his stick, gets a new one, loses the puck in the Flyers zone and then prevents a breakaway. Jack of all trades that Bergeron.

– Well that was short lived. Rebound off of Thomas and Briere is sitting all alone next to the net. No idea who no one was covering a 20+ goal scorer. Briere might be a little bitch but he can score. 4-4. Boo.


– Thomas looks up at the Jumbotron and wonders what the number is next to the Flyers logo. He generally only sees the number 1 and 0 there.

– Way to sit back Bruins. No one challenges Sean O’Donnell and he strolls in and scores. Sean O’Donnell just scored on you Bruins. Time to stop watching and play like you were when the period started.

– Some after whistle scrums. Chara gets pushed down. Oh man. Things going down hill. They’ll turn it around.

– Kampfer breaks up a Flyers rush like its no big deal.

– Then Briere cross checks Savard. Wouldn’t be a Flyers game without undisciplined penalties.

–  Bruins having a lot of trouble setting up on this powerplay. Poor passes are dooming them. Blowing a big opportunity here.

– Doesn’t matter. Bruins clear their zone and head to the other end. Wheeler has the puck and gets it to Marchand as Wheeler is falling. Marchand snipes that shit. 5-5. What a game. Hartnell hits Marchand after the goal like the bitch he is. Flyers complaining about something and saying the goal shouldn’t count.

– Turns out the puck hit the netting above the glass in the Bruins zone before Marchand scored and the refs missed it. Funny, Flyers didn’t complain about it when they almost scored. They also didn’t have a problem with Zherdev being offsides on his goal. Weird.

– We’re back to the back and forth actions and alternating scoring chances. Good if you like hockey. Bad if you have heart problems.

– Krejci gets hit right in the face after an offsides, but no call as Wheeler goes nuts. Totally dropping F bombs. Looks like he might kill a man. Briere is such a little bitch.

– Wheeler and Seguin are becoming good friends. Bruins should start a stable of old school WWF tag teams.

– Captain Mike Richards gets two minutes for whining and crying. Flyers making Lindy Ruff look like the toughest man alive tonight by comparison.

– Bruins making some curious passing decisions on this powerplay. Weird. They try to stuff the puck by Boucher like Pierre McGuire stuffs Mike Richards but Boucher holds the fort. Powerplay ends.

– Bergeron got his stick snapped in half as well but no call. Oh well.

– Holy balls. Just over a minute left… Kampfer roars down the sideboards and grabs the puck. Mother fucking snipe job. 6-5 Bruins. What a fucking game. Don’t even know what else to say. What a game.

– Marchand was key to that goal. Marchand is awesome. So so so so so awesome. 

– That’s it. Wheeler out hussles some Flyers douche and passes to a streaking Campbell. Empty netter. Put this game on ice bitches.

– Kampfer and Marchand were insane. All game. Campbell is the most underrated pick up of the year. One of the best games of the year. Get ready for Saturday boys and girls. Pittsburgh probably still ain’t happy about that late game collapse. See you Saturday.

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