Damn you Shea Weber. Bruins Lose.

Tough loss. Pekka Rinne is good. Shea Weber is good. Bruins can’t hold late leads. 

Losses to decent teams generally hurt less. You win some, you lose some. This one hurt because a defensive lapse and a stupid, stupid Kampfer penalty cost the B’s a point here.

Montreal won. Creeping up on the Bruins. B’s have lost five of six. Saying “oh they earned a point” is loser talk. B’s need wins, not charity points.

Onto Toronto on Saturday. Hopefully B’s can bounce back.

After the jump….. good game, tough loss but St Patrick’s day is pretty fun……..


Hey Hornqvist…..


– Chara tosses a shot on net and then Horton tries to tackle Rinne. Wrong sport Nate.

– Both teams try to sneak the puck in near the post as they exchange chances. Weird.

– Recchi picks the puck up in the neutral zone….. we’re screaming at the TV ’cause Bergeron is unchecked…. Recchi hears us….. Bergeron shoots…. SCORE! Bergeron breaks an 8 game pointless streak. Huge goal bitches. 3-2 Bruins. Bergeron rules.

– Bruins on fire so far this period. Finally showing some killer instinct.

– Someone on the Predators just tried to check Chara and bounced off and fell to the ice. Chara should probably get suspended for that.

– Recchi and Bergeron messing up Nashville. They just peed on an Elvis statue too.

– Chara with some moves, ha. Pretended to go behind the net and tuck it in post side. That is everyone’s go to move this period.

– Krejci with a steal then springs Peverley but Pevs gets the stick on it a bit too late to control it and gets a weak shot on Rinne as Jack talks about how big Rinne is. Guess Jack’s into big dudes.

– Huge save by Rinne off another Bergeron/Recchi hook up.

– Kampfer just gave Geoffrion the ole face wash post whistle. Must’ve had something on his face. Kampfer is such a sweetheart.

– Bergeron with some sweet ass moves and never even flinched after taking a high stick. Just kept charging the net. Bad ass. Powerplay time.

– Oooooooo Horton hits on a post on a blast. Sooooooooooo close.

– Bergeron charging the net AGAIN but Rinne gets the puck and O’Brien pins Bergeron to the ice and asks Berg to give him some tips on how to not be an awful hockey player. But Bergeron says O’Brien is beyond help and gets up.

– Mother fucker. Erat gets a breakaway right out of the box. Rask with a HUGE save. Preds get the rebound, Rask saves a again. No defense in front. Third time’s the charm. Preds score. 3-3.

– Rask threw his stick into the air after the goal.

– Bruins pressing hard right after the goal, but so is Nashville. If we weren’t pissed about that last goal, we’d say this is a great game.

– Kampfer with a miscue and almost gives it up in front of Rask as Tootoo charges but Kampfer gets the puck away. Phew.

– Damn you Shea Weber and your timely poke checks! Damn yous!!!!

– Bruins trying to win this instead of taking it easy and settling for an easy point. Love it.

– McQuaid down holding his face. Looks like he got cut. Now someone has to pay! Huge no call. McQuaid cleary hit in the face with a stick. Bullshit.

– Looks like Boychuk blocked the puck and he stays down for a second. Jebus. Stop getting hurt D-men!

– Terrible, terrible passing decisions on the rush. Lots of turnovers. Turnovers = bad Bruins.

– Bruins just passed it directly to Tootoo in front of the Boston net. No idea how that wasn’t a goal but we’ll take that bit of luck.

– Boo. Heading to overtime.

– According to some NESN stats, both teams blow in overtime. Who’s gonna blow less?

– Lucic was way offsides. Whoops.

– Bruins suddenly have the inability to complete a pass. Not good.

– Chara just buried some dude. Nashville fans tried to call 911 but couldn’t figure out how.

– Erat putting on a clinic. We’d be super pumped if we were Nashville fans. But we’re not, so we’re yelling at the TV as if the Bruins can hear us.

– Boo. Kampfer going to the box for holding. Bruins on the PK the rest of OT. Cooooooome one shorthanded goal.  Tall order with just three players though. So umm…… Cooooooome on penalty kill!

– Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Weber with a blast. Game over. Another late lead blown. Shea Weber is a beast. 


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