Days of Y’Orr Caption Contest

Well contest may be a little misleading, because we’re not actually going to give you a prize…but we will take our favorites and put them in a post!

Basically just make a caption for the picture below (which we already find hilarious by the way).  Doesn’t matter if you use word bubbles, photoshop,  or just add some text below the image.  Hell, turn it into a motivational poster if you want, go nuts!  Send your submissions to

Credit goes to NESN’s Mike Hurley for finding this picture and tweeting it! (@NESNmhurley)

Not sure if we’ll do more of these, guess that all depends on how many unintentionally hilarious Bruins pictures we come across.


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One of the few Days of Y'Orr members who knows NOTHING about wrestling. What I lack in posts, I make up for in charm. Also, Justin smells.