Days of Y’Orr Fantasy Hockey 2011 Team Sign-Up [UPDATED]

Fantasy Hockey is back, suckas.

Last year we toyed with the idea of having a DOY league but didn’t. People were bummed about that decision. So this year we’re doing it.

Days of Y’Orr is proud to present to you The Days of Y’Orr Fantasy Hockey League of Somewhat Extordinary Gentlemen.

It’s a 20 team league, four divisions. Live draft is scheduled for Saturday October 1st at 7pm. It may change but that’s when it is for now.

We obviously have to limit how many people can enter the league. If you’re interested email us at and we’ll send you the registration info. It’ll be first come/first serve.

UPDATED 8/26, 5:30: League registration is closed. We filled up pretty fast. We could start a second league if people wanted, though not sure if that’s as enticing to people or not.

After the jump you’ll see the league details. They may change; they may not. We’ll see.

All of this is subject to change but for now:

Again, you want in — email us.


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