Days of Y’Orr Presents: Bears of War

This young season has already had plenty of ups and downs. The Bruins started off like they were the ole Atlanta Thrashers and people wouldn’t shut up about a Stanley Cup hangover. Then Julien went all mad scientist in search of some chemistry and the Bruins took off. With Vancouver and Montreal still crying goon about the Bruins, Lucic steam rolled Ryan Miller and the Bruins became the Bad Guys.

They already had targets on their backs because they are the champions but that has only intensified now that they are not only beating teams, but beating them up too. The Bruins are one team against the NHL nation. And we love it. 

It is with that in mind that we put this little post together. Enjoy (note: post is 99% pics… might take a minute to load).

After the jump…. Bears of War…….

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Jon loves Batman, The Joker, the Bruins and hates you. Especially you. He has a man crush on David Backes and hopes to someday be Mrs. Jon Boychuk.