Days of Y’Orr turns One!

One year a go we Days of Y’Orr was born. We came out kicking and screaming, punching our way through our mother’s stomaches and telling the doctor to suck it. He slapped us. We cried. He got Boychuk’d later that week. He comes over for poker and beer on the weekends now. It’s how we roll.

We started this silly blog on WordPress, just before the Bruins-Sabres series. We figured “Hey, we have silly ideas for stories and photoshops, let’s start a blog.” We did it mostly to amuse ourselves; we didn’t think so many people would come here daily to read our ramblings and bad photoshops.

Our first post was about how we envisioned Marc Savard’s comeback should he have came back in the Bruins-Sabres series. If you think our photoshops are bad now, our photoshop skills were absolutely horrible back then.

Marc Savard bashes Ryan Miller
Just wow. For some reason PuckDaddy decided to link to that story in their Puck Headlines. Not sure why. But it got the ball rolling.

In one year we’ve moved from WordPress to Bloguin and have gone from obscure hockey blog to being named Best Bruings Blog by readers of and have gotten death threats from Montreal, Buffalo and Philly. Not bad for four guys “living in their parent’s basement” (untrue… we prefer the attic).

Big thanks has to go out to all you DOY readers who are really part of the extended DOYTeam. We’re not just trying to brown nose you all (we are a little), but we also get a lot of good ideas from you, so keep sending in jokes, photoshops, etc. This blog’s 100x better when readers get involved. Call us pussies if you want but we love you all.

Thanks to the Bruins for winning last night and making today more enjoyable. Holy shit.

And thanks for all the birthday wishes so far — didn’t expect to get so many. Hopefully the second year of the DOY Reign will be better than the first.

–Justin, Jon, Pizz, Greg, Purrgeron


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