Don Cherry rips Ference a new a-hole

Don Cherry calls out Boston Bruin Andrew Ference for the Daniel Paille hit

We know every other Bruins blog out there has already done a post on this, but whatever. We think Matt Kalman over at had the first post about it — least the first one we saw. So thanks to him for pointing this out to Bs fans.

Last night Don Cherry called Andrew Ference out for calling out (?) Daniel Paille’s bad hit. And by called out we mean Grapes ripped Ference a new asshole.

Fast forward to 3:45ish to hear the Ference rant

We typically enjoy Cherry’s rants and have been notorious for shitting on Andrew Ference at any possible moment in the past, but we’re on Captain Planet’s side this time.

“You do not, I don’t care if your teammate is an axe murderer, what you’ve got to say to the guy that’s there, you go into the dressing room and you tell him that was a dirty hit … you never go to the press like Ference did and say that was a bad hit… And I’m going to tell you something, I’d hate to be in that dressing room right now. See what happened in the game today? 2-0. That brings your dressing room down when you have a guy in the dressing room talking about your own players and you know he’s going to be suspended.” –Don “Grapes” Cherry

Let’s get a few things straight here. First off, Ference called the hit “bad” not “dirty” which is pretty accurate. There was no elbow thrown at the head and the initial contact looked shoulder-to-shoulder, so it’s not a dirty hit. However, it was a bad hit by today’s NHL rules and standards. You can’t sideswipe a guy anymore above their ribcage without risk of being fined and suspended.

We also like how Ference is transcending the typical blindly stick up for your teammate culture and looking at the big picture. It is hypocritical to get angry about the Cooke-Savard hit but then just dust off the Paille hit. Yes, the Cooke hit is 10x worse because of the angle, the target and the elbow, but Paille’s hit still falls in that same realm. We’re also pretty sure that the media probably asked Ference what he thought of the hit (though we weren’t there, so not 100% sure). We doubt Ference pulled an Avery. He’s looking at the league as a whole and not as separate entities. The guy has his head on his shoulders (no pun intended)

Secondly, we doubt that Ference’s comments caused the Bruins to lose yesterday. In fact, we’ll bet our non-existing trust funds that Ference’s comment didn’t cause the Bruins to not score. If Lucic thought “Hmm.. that Ference is an asshole; I think I’ll miss this open net” than he probably doesn’t deserve to wear a Bruins uniform. That’s a ludicrous assumption — something not new to Grapes. 


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